Alexander Panayotov on participation in “Eurovision”: “I have for many years tried to get there…”

Александр Панайотов об участии в «Евровидении»: «Я многие годы пытался попасть туда...»
The singer spoke about his plans for the speech.

Alexander Panayotov

Photo: @Instagram Alexander panaiotov Panayotov

Alexander Panayotov admitted that is ready to participate in “Eurovision-2017”. Artist of many years wanted to get on this international music competition and feels that now more than ever, closer to my dream. He is closely watching his competitors one by one refuse to participate or “fly” selection.

“I, frankly, love this contest. I believe that this is the only large-scale, colorful, musical show on the planet, with such a large audience, a stunning production, akin to the Olympics. Many people know that I have repeatedly tried to get in there. And now, thanks to “the Voice” have ever come close to this. Whatever it was, the mission of this contest, and any member — to bring art to the masses. After all, music is a universal tool capable of inciting people hope that all is not lost. I firmly believe that music should unite, to heal. This magic should happen in the current year. In Ukraine, in Kiev. And whoever was delegated this year, I hope that our representative would be the messenger of peace, kindness and art”, — shared Alexander.

Initially along with panajotovym in the list of applicants for “Eurovision” were Nyusha, Elena Temnikova, Daria Antonyuk and Turkish Soprano. But recently it became known that Jane refused to travel because of the shootings in the show “the Voice. Children.” She admitted that just do not have time to prepare an adequate number of speakers. Elena Temnikova this year is scheduled first solo tour to cities in Russia, the schedule of which does not fit the work on participation in “Eurovision”.

Recall that the leaders of the First channel shall announce the name of the singer who will represent Russia at “Eurovision-2017”, to the beginning of March.