Alexander Panayotov is exhausting herself to death

Александр Панайотов изнуряет себя голодом The singer is ready to do anything for a toned and fit body. Alexander Panayotov recently lost 20 pounds, but because he wants to keep the weight off. Fans are amazed by his willpower, however, some felt that the artist too hard on yourself.

      Александр Панайотов изнуряет себя голодом

      Singer Alexander Panayotov not so long ago wowed the audience with his phenomenal weight loss. Fans for a long time could not believe that the artist managed to transform and to lose weight. Now the musician is trying to maintain a normal weight, not allowing himself to relax. Phenomenal weight loss Alexander Panayotov has caused controversy in the Network

      “They want to have. But it is impossible,” wrote the singer in the microblog.

      Fans marveled at his will power and praised Panayotov because he does not allow himself to relax and tries hard to adhere to proper nutrition, and therefore keeps the body in shape. However, some expressed the opinion that Alexander now became very thin, so it would not hurt to add a little weight. “Why not? Cheeks, cheekbones visible”, “Sasha, it is impossible to suffer so… Eat the product at zero calories – cucumber, tomato, yogurt”, “Hunger can not be tolerated, if it is really hunger and not appetite. The brain is not fooled – and then overeating is guaranteed”, – worried fans of the musician.

      Proper nutrition and exercise helped her to get rid of extra pounds. After Alexander began to rapidly lose weight, many fans followed suit. Inspired by the amazing results Panayotov, they also decided to change the way of life.

      “Of course, I understand that many are accustomed to seeing me at the weight of 106 pounds. And to many it may even be on hand. But I’m a man of great willpower and perseverance, and have decided to come to his normal weight category. I now weigh 86 kilos, my height is 190 centimeters, is considered the norm. Please do not ascribe my change Hobbies into tablets, drugs, alcohol. And not to write phrases in a style “something is wrong”. I repeat – it is a sport and proper nutrition,” revealed the secret of Alexander.

      Now Panayotov is regaining its former popularity. After he took second place in the musical show “people’s artist”, he was recording songs, filming them clips, but they have not received wide acceptance among the public. Now the name of the artist again at all on hearing. His appearance on the TV show of the First channel “the Voice” made a splash. Many fans of the TV show tipped the victory to him. Finalist of “the Voice” fueling the scandal involving Alexander Panayotov