Alexander Panayotov in the new image became unrecognizable

Александр Панайотов в новом имидже стал неузнаваем
The singer introduced fans of the “new me”.

Александр Панайотов в новом имидже стал неузнаваем

Alexander Panayotov

Photo: @Instagram Alexander panaiotov Panayotov

Alexander Panayotov (2004)


Alexander Panayotov for the first time since enchanting “return” to the stage drastically changed her hairstyle. The night before, finalist show “Voice” said that his “soul is in need of change”, and then showed the result of the transformation. The singer said goodbye to his hair in the style of Justin Bieber. Now his head adorns a short haircut.

Devoted fans have put forward several options for whom Alexander was like with a new hairstyle. Many of his followers agreed that the haircut revealed his new side. “An Arab Sheik is similar. Learned something to the East appeared in the face!” — wrote Panayotova. At the same time, it’s hard not to notice that Alexander continues to lose weight. And if you compare his pictures taken at the dawn of his career, with “modern”, the difference will be very impressive.

By the way, recently, the media reported that Alexander is preparing to tie the knot with his sweetheart Ekaterina Koreneva working its Director. Direct questions about the approaching day of the wedding Panayotov answers evasively, but does not deny that is ready to start a family. “I have now everything very well… stable. I am 33 years old and, of course, the time has come for this moment to have many children, not to mention the wife!” — said Alexander.