Alexander Panayotov does not hide his feelings for the daughter of Grigory Leps

Александр Панайотов не скрывает чувств к дочери Григория Лепса The young man openly shows affection. Inga Leps have played a major role in the clip of Alexander Panayotov. Fans admired the new video of the star of the show “the Voice.” They noted that the work is very sincere.

Alexander Panayotov unveiled a new video for the song “Feel you”, which he created thanks to the Producer centre of Grigory Leps.

Director, scriptwriter, casting Director and inspirer was made by Alexander himself. And embodied the idea of a young musician Director Julia Melnikova.

As the main character Panayotov has chosen actress Inga Leps. He liked girls – he has decided that she will be able to convey all the feelings and emotions that he would like to reflect in a new video. As planned, the characters are looking for each other in the world of “black masks”, where all are in thrall to the conventions and stereotypes. His idea Alexander was wanted to convey the fact that to find and feel your man is not simple, because many close from everything.

Александр Панайотов не скрывает чувств к дочери Григория Лепса

It is noteworthy that the “world” in the clip special. All the characters – ordinary people who live among us. Alexander admits that he chose from the hundreds of letters from fans of the 60 lucky people who were touched by his work.

Fans were looking forward to the new star of the show “the Voice.” They appreciated his work and left enthusiastic comments on the Network.

“The sensual part where Sasha is dancing with Inga, very much. Such sophisticated, graceful ballet erotic. This is the direction I would advise Sasha to develop. There are so many hidden sexy, plasticity and great acting potential. His character attracts a woman, and not let her close to him. It’s so tough! Sasha in this clip wonder how good”, “Inga Leps very organic in a duet with Sasha, pleasant and sweet, but on the other hand, fatal. The video turned out with the deepest meaning. Bravo!”, “Tears flowed by themselves. Sasol, thank you for your talent and sincerity, with real emotions! Love you,” was the opinion of the fans of Alexander Panayotov.

Александр Панайотов не скрывает чувств к дочери Григория Лепса