Alexander Panayotov criticized the final results show of “the Voice”

Александр Панайотов раскритиковал финальные итоги шоу «Голос» The young man shared his thoughts about the past program. He was extremely grateful to all the organizers of the show, but said that in this project initially, it was impossible to determine a favorite. The artist believes that talent is above any ratings.

      Alexander Panayotov decided to tell his followers how he feels after the results of the audience voting of the musical project “Voice”. He said that some time ago could not imagine that will be on show and will reach the end. For the by part even in the selection phase of the program was very exciting. He was perfectly aware of that makes a serious step that will change fate.

      Alexander Panayotov has shared the secret before the finale of “the Voice”

      The actor said that the most grateful “Voice” because it gave him the opportunity to meet with their viewers, listeners, fans, to understand whether there are among them those who are really happy for his success. Panayotov does not condemn the choice of viewers as they had to vote for the popular and accomplished performers.

      “It was very exciting and musically with all hands. It was hard for me to take this step and go on “the Voice.” But I do not regret a single second. Because this is primarily a meeting with you, my viewers and listeners. The winners, as it turned out, this contest is no. There are just phenomenon, as a fact. Thank you all for the support, love, attention and respect for the music!” – expressed his opinion an artist in Instagram.

      Many followers of the singer wondered why he has not acted in the end of the program with the song that was played on another TV show a little more than 13 years ago. The song “Invincible”, first aired by the “people’s artist”, has long been the hallmark of Alexander.

      Panayotov did not hide from the commentators that before the entry of the final issue of “the Voice” became aware of the sudden death of the contractor of the Christmas hit “Last Christmas” by George Michael. In this regard, it was decided that Alexander will perform live show song music legends. Obviously, it did not disappoint the young man, but rather encouraged.

      “I failed to perform my song “Invincible”. And was it necessary? If someone had told me that someday I’ll sing a song of the great George Michael, December 30, in Prime time on the First in connection with his untimely departure, I would not have believed it. And I never pondered on this. Because his voice, his music, his soul mirroring is forever imprinted in my music, in my soul, in my heart. It was a matter of honor. Point”, – shared his opinion the finalist of “the Voice”.

      Recall that the winner of the fifth season of “the Voice” was Daria Antonyuk. She had failed to share the emotions that he felt when he read the results. Shortly before the naming of the winner of the main prize, she turned to the followers with words of gratitude. “I want to say to all of you, dear audience, my best support for the path that we did together with you! I know that behind my back a huge number of people gave their love and powerful energy! Each individual and tremendous thanks!” – she wrote in microblogging.