Александр Овечкин с женой сыграют вторую свадьбу в Москве
Wife of Russian hockey player, will impress the guests of the occasion a wedding dress.

Alexander and Anastasia Ovechkina

Photo: @nastyashubskaya Instagram Anastasia Ovechkina

Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Sumska, signed the registry office in August last year, finally decided to organize the wedding. On the occasion, which, apparently, will take place in Moscow will be invited the closest friends of the couple and relatives. To celebrate the wedding couple is going in a big way. According to the data, the capital will be Alexander and colleagues at the hockey club “Washington Capitals”. Specifically for them will be the hired interpreter.

While Ovechkin is busy with organizational issues, his charming wife has been far more pleasant troubles. Among other things, Anastasia will have to choose a wedding dress in which she will appear in front of guests. The model is planning to hit the audience with its splendid view. While she tends to dress from famous fashion designers — Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab. These brands are very popular among Hollywood stars.

By the way, Anastasia admits that she had to adapt to life together with Alexander. In fact, before the couple began to live together, Subsky was not involved in household: don’t know how to cook, didn’t clean around the house. Now the model has already gained experience in this business and happy to talk about it.

“In Moscow I didn’t cook, but here is a start. Make borscht, cutlets. Sasha praises my food, he especially likes the meatballs with cheese in a creamy mushroom sauce with buckwheat or rice. I scour the web for new recipes — recently baked chicken with mayonnaise, cheese and tomatoes… In Moscow someone did everything for me. Now it doesn’t!” — quoted Anastasia Tatler.