Александр Овечкин возглавил рейтинг Forbes According to the newspaper, the income of the athlete is about 14.5 million dollars per year. Alexander Ovechkin surpassed artists such as Grigory Leps, Philip Kirkorov and Olga Buzova. By the way, a popular TV presenter is the sixth place ranking.
Александр Овечкин возглавил рейтинг Forbes

First place in the annual ranking “top 50 celebrities” 32-year-old hockey player is for the second time. The annual income of the player of the American club the Washington capitals, who won this year’s Stanley Cup, is 14.5 million dollars. Almost back Ovechkin breathes the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov, who earned this year, 13.9 million dollars. The third is Philip and his 8.9 million dollars.

The success of celebrities recorded on several parameters: the income for the year, the press attention and interest in the Internet, there is a number of search queries by name and surname. To make rating stars from Russia, Forbes magazine began 13 years ago, since then, for six years the first place was taken by Maria Sharapova. Now, the podium is headed by Ovechkin.

By the way, Alexander can boast not only the sporting achievements, and a fat wallet, but also success in your personal life – in a short time the wife of hockey player will give him the firstborn.

Александр Овечкин возглавил рейтинг Forbes

Olga Buzova, which earned 3.9 million dollars, but it is very often glimpsed in the media and on television, took sixth place, ahead of Dima Bilan. After her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov, the presenter decided to dive right in to record songs to appear in various designs, to open a restaurant and start their own cryptocurrency.

The top ten also included the hockey player Evgeni Malkin, Dmitry Malikov and Ksenia Sobchak.

Olga Buzova earned more than 30 million divorce

Despite the fact that Timothy owns a business in different fields, he has failed to rise above the 17-th place. Ahead of the rapper and his protege Yegor creed. From rappers, the list includes Basta, who runs his own production center as well as Oxxxymiron, became famous after participating in various battles that have gained a huge amount of hits. According to the magazine Forbes, earning artist of this year amounted to $ 1.3 million.