Александр Олешко рассказал всю правду о скандале с Дмитрием Нагиевым
The presenter made an official statement.

Alexander Oleshko, Dmitry Nagiyev

Just yesterday, the Network discussed the looming scandal between Dmitri Nagiyev and Alexander Oleshko. Harvey allowed himself a few caustic remarks Oleshko, and this provoked the “buzz”. Dmitry called Alexander too “sleek and smooth”, referring to the lack of masculinity in Oleshko.

The next day the star of the show “Toch-V-Toch” published a photo with a small bristle brush, thus proving that he does not like what it put Nagiyev. Fans assumed this story to be continued. However, fans of scandal will be disappointed: no showdown between Nagiyev and Oleshko will not.

Alexander made in social media an official statement about the “conflict” with his counterpart. “Friends, don’t worry!Dima himself told me this wonderful joke (the truth)! It is now fashionable to do the “official statement” — make: Nagiev for an actor and a true master! Filmed with him twice in the movie. And on TV he doesn’t like it at all, few who can!” — said Alexander.

Recall that recently became aware of the dismissal Oleshko from the First channel. For the presenter there were no projects on the main TV channel of the country and he moved on to NTV, where he was entrusted to lead the show, “You’re super! Dancing.”