Alexander Oleshko received a special gift

Александр Олешко получил уникальный подарок
The presenter boasted gift to their fans.

Александр Олешко получил уникальный подарок

Alexander Oleshko

Photo: @oleshkoaleksandr Instagram Alexander Oleshko

To surprise gift a star of domestic show-business — is not easy. After all the most necessary and desirable, they have long since acquired. A curious way out of a difficult situation with a gift for the 40th anniversary of Alexander Oleshko, was invented by the Russian breeders. In honor of the famous TV presenter they had named a new variety of colors! Now fans will be able floks in warm summer weather to enjoy their own “oleshki” in the garden.

Phlox “Alexander Oleshko

Photo: @oleshkoaleksandr Instagram Alexander Oleshko

“Call me now! Phlox paniculata “Alexander Oleshko. Flower shape rotate, purple-plum colour, with dense ash-grey smoke in the center of a thin crimson ring on a background of white stars with purple edging. In the evening and in cloudy weather enhanced the different shades of the flower…” — wrote in his microblog artist. To the news Alexander added a photo of the flower of extraordinary beauty, named after the honored artist of Russia.

Incidentally, despite the superstition that celebrating 40 years — a bad omen, Oleshko still celebrated their anniversary birthday. “I’m a believer, so I won’t miss the 40th anniversary as a holiday. I know that many fear this date. I have nothing to fear! I live in gratitude for every day given to me. I came to this date an honest hard worker and a man with a clear conscience. I love life! I love my job. I love people! And I love your birthday!”

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