Александр Олешко отказался признавать внебрачную дочь During a tour in Saratov, the artist presented the girl, saying that he is her father. Alexander Oleshko convinced is a lie. According to the actor, it is never a random the novels.
Александр Олешко отказался признавать внебрачную дочь

Cases when celebrities attribute to children born out of wedlock is not uncommon. In recent times many stars had to go through a DNA examination to prove the absence of illegitimate heirs, because most of the stories are nothing more than a fraud.

So, the next victim was Alexander Oleshko. During your stay 41-year-old artist in Saratov, he was presented with the girl father in which he allegedly is.

“I brought the girl and say, “This is your daughter.” Now is the time: all the sticks go, the DNA tests do. It is so dangerous. Don’t know what they want the people who do so. Perhaps the money or attention. I immediately replied, “Thank you, but I’m not her father” – shared Oleshko.

According to the actor, he may not be illegitimate children, as he is promiscuous and always uses contraception. “I have everything under control! So I’m certainly not her father. The girl was so scared! I have a feeling has developed that it to each and every artist down and say, “Meet your daughter!” Where will work. As the girl grows. And the awful thing is that she does not know who her real father is,” added the actor.

Fans have long been interested in when Alexander is going to start a family. A few years ago he was thinking about how to adopt a child, but while the artist is not ready for the growing family.

“I’m sure: everything should be natural. I love my profession, something I live my entire life that would have been unlikely to give it up. I have a creative problem that has not yet been achieved. But I understand that work is not important. When will the special meeting, then, of course, the family each person needs to come out on top. The artwork is beautiful, and life? Us teacher at the theatre Institute was constantly saying, “When you have a chest to tremble, throw all to hell!” While I have this meeting did not happen,” – said Oleshko.

As explained by Alexander, it does not consider the options of surrogacy.

“For such an act takes courage. Philip is a very brave man. I would probably not do it. But on the other hand, you don’t know what will happen in a minute. Suddenly something happens – and my opinion will change. Anything can happen,” – said Oleshko “Interlocutor”.