Александр Олешко не признал внебрачную дочь
Recently many celebrities were their illegitimate children, and they have to undergo DNA examination to prove the truth.

Александр Олешко не признал внебрачную дочь

On the same day Alexander Oleshko was in a similar situation. During a tour in Saratov Alexander led the girl called him an illegitimate child.

Александр Олешко не признал внебрачную дочь

“I brought the girl and say, “This is your daughter.” Now is the time: all the sticks go, the DNA tests do. It is so dangerous. Don’t know what they want the people who do so. Perhaps the money or attention. I immediately replied, “Thank you, but I’m not her father.

I have everything under control! So I’m certainly not her father. The girl was so scared! I have a feeling has developed that it to each and every artist down and say, “Meet your daughter!” Where will work. As the girl grows. And the awful thing is that she does not know who her real father is,” said the actor.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Alexander find the family happiness, but yet a celebrity this is not in a hurry.

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