Alexander Nosik suffers from performance issues

Александр Носик страдает из-за проблем с работой In the past year, the media actively discussed the personal life of the actor. He broke up with his wife Olga and had an affair with a young singer Anastasia kranovoj. But in the end went away and now the artist refuses to talk about relationships.
Александр Носик страдает из-за проблем с работой

Alexander Nosik was born in a family of two artists Valery Spout and Mary Starikovoj. Actor a few decades removed in successful projects, participates in various talk shows, but now he has reached a crisis.

According to Alexander, to find a decent job in our days is not easy. He faces serious challenges in the profession and is even ready to go into another field.

“An actor I never wanted. This is a women’s profession, permanently you need someone to like, earnings are unstable. But for men it is difficult, you need to provide for the family. What I have seen then many times, still becoming an artist. And it happened in the following way. I was going to do the Economics Department at the Plekhanov University, but I didn’t have enough points, and I went to pass examinations in theatrical Institute. Just father threw me a bit, saying, “You want complications? So let’s get them!” And then I sucked,” admitted Nose.

Alexander said that with the shooting it’s pretty hard. The actor is not always competitive. According to the artist, several projects are now under a big question, so they Spout refused to talk. Also to get more offers, Nose tries to always keep himself in shape.

“I was living in a different operation, injury when I have not had the opportunity to play sports, I crashed, fought, I had my Appendix out. So, I had to sit on the different diets. First you drink the broth, then you put in the meatball without salt. And when all this passes, you begin just to eat. Accordingly, what happens to you? You go to the mirror and say, “who is this?” And by “it” you replied: “That’s me!” So you always have to deal with salt, sugar, bakery products, fermentation products and, most importantly, not to eat at night! This can ensure that you’re more or less decently to look. We are now the cruel world. All young, slender. Director, producer can come to you and say, “what are you so chubby?” So we have to drop pounds,” said Alexander.

The actor said that he didn’t mind to do business. In his opinion, many artists combine the two cases.

“To go into business is very correct. Because if you can’t maintain a stable income his profession, get something else. But this takes some time, skill, patience, education. I was thinking about what to do, but has not yet made a final decision”, – explained the Spout.

The actor refuses to talk about his personal life. Divorce and breakup with ex-lovers Alexander comment is not going to.

“As for my life now – Yes I’m doing great! I look like a miserable person?! But the problem is that all the difficulty is at all. And continue it will until old age, until death. Even already lying in the coffin, we’ll still be dissatisfied with something,” – said Spout in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

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