Alexander Nosik spoke about the difficulties of their work

Александр Носик рассказал о сложностях своей работы
Actor Alexander Nosik is a popular Russian artist, but he is now experiencing a crisis.

Александр Носик рассказал о сложностях своей работы

Alexander admits that at the present time to find a good job very difficult. In the end, he was having difficulty at work, and he even thought to change the scope of its activities.

Александр Носик рассказал о сложностях своей работы

“An actor I never wanted. This is a women’s profession, permanently you need someone to like, earnings are unstable. But for men it is difficult, you need to provide for the family. What I have seen then many times, still becoming an artist. And it happened in the following way. I was going to do the Economics Department at the Plekhanov University, but I didn’t have enough points, and I went to pass examinations in theatrical Institute. Just father threw me a bit, saying, “You want complications? So let’s get them!” And then I sucked,” said the actor.

Recall that after a loud divorce with his wife Olga and romance with a young singer Anastasia kranovoj Alexander prefers not to dwell on his personal life.

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