Александр Носик подал на развод
The actor will cease to be the lawful husband of 19 August.

Alexander Nosik with his wife Olga

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

a beautiful love story came to an end. Alexander Nosik, who announced in March
this year that he intends to divorce his wife, Olga, kept
word. Yesterday, the couple filed a petition in the Tver registry office of Moscow on the termination of the marriage. Officially
couple ceases to be husband and wife on August 19.

The cause of this
a sad event was the affair of the actor with the singer Anastasia kranovoj —
details passionate Dating managed to shoot the paparazzi. First, Olga
believe in the betrayal of her husband and, moreover, tried to justify the alleged
mistress. She stated that she is friends with kranovoj and confident in her “innocence”. Olga
said, that it seems incredible that the husband could confirm the affair with
singer, and certainly not going to submit this to divorce with Alexander.

However, review of the Nose of the affair with
former member of the group “Tutsi” and the gap with the lawful wife turned out to be true. Recall the marriage with Olga became Alexander
the third in a row. A chance meeting at the airport turned into a happy wedding
in 2011. Since then the couple at all events, they appeared together, and the Spout
all the time confessed his love to his wife.