Alexander Nosik and Anastasiya Kraynova broke up

Александр Носик и Анастасия Крайнова расстались
Recently, the media reported on the divorce of a famous actor Alexander Nosik with his wife Olga, with whom he had been married for 6 years.

Александр Носик и Анастасия Крайнова расстались

Many have accused the ex-participant of TV project “Factory of stars” singer Anastasia Krainov in the separation of the spouses. But as it turned out, the actor is not Dating the young singer.

Александр Носик и Анастасия Крайнова расстались

“Alexander and Olga filed for divorce. And no scandals, tears and snot, as is customary. As said in a famous movie: “Without noise and a dust”. Many people mistakenly believe that Sasha was cheating on Olga with Anastasia kranovoj, but it’s not true. They Nastya started Dating a month after Alexander broke up with his wife. By the way, kranovoj they subsequently broke up, too”, – said the representative of Alexander.

Now it looks like the Nozzle will be considered as eligible bachelor in our show business, and who will be the next one to take the heart of the actor.

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