Александр Незлобин уехал худеть на Алтай
Former resident of “Comedy Club” is preparing a new work for STS.

Photo: Instagram

Anyone in the Comedy Club joke about how much stouter in recent years Garik Kharlamov. And after all forgot that the first to gain weight was not the Garik, Alexander Nezlobin! Now, when on the horizon humorist “loomed” the new work of Alexander together with Sergey Svetlakov go to work on STS — he decided to thoroughly take for themselves.

Four days Nezlobin is a specialized clinic in the Altai region, which is famous for its starvation. Medical specialists around the clock monitors the status of their patients. Those, in turn, drink a lot of water in a specific pattern and attend procedures for purification and rejuvenation of the body. Pounds while “melt away”.

For example, not so long ago in the same clinic lose weight actress Maria Shumakova and Svetlana Kamynina. Both dropped about 10 pounds in a week and was very pleased with the result. Nezlob (the name of Alexander friends) is now ready to demonstrate the worth with this program the male body.

Apparently, the comedian is the treatment — another way to get out of the comfort zone that he loves to do, but what he does is extremely rare. And, most importantly, it gives him pleasure. Incredibly happy Alexander posted a video on his personal blog as he drinks the first glass of vegetable juice for a few days. “This is my first meal for the last 60 hours, before it was only water!”— he said.