Alexander Nezlobin left the show Comedy Club

Александр Незлобин покинул шоу Comedy Club
The former resident explained why he made that decision.

Alexander Nezlobin

Photo: courtesy of TNT

Alexander Nezlobin became famous in the “Comedy Club” with his sharp monologues on the theme of ordinary life. When I was a student, Alexander was playing in a local team of KVN. Then began performing in local stand-up show, and from there he was invited to the Comedy in Moscow. His duet with Elvis (Igor Meerson) called “Butterflies” won the love of the audience. Together they have created videorobert “Good evening, Mars”, but now Nezlobin is one.

Nezlobin — not only a comedian but also a successful actor, film Director, screenwriter, producer and even a DJ. He regularly speaks at events with DJ sets. As a producer and screenwriter he did well while working on the film “the Bridegroom” Sergei Svetlakova. Also the series “Неzлоб” is also entirely the creation of Alexander.

And now he has decided to leave the show “Comedy Club”.

“Comedy will not make me popular, — he said in his last monologue. I don’t know what to do in Barvikha Luxury village? This is from the house Garik Martirosyan here 5 minutes to go, and to me from Aviamotornaya to go far. I’m willing to accept that Pasha Will advertise crunches and drove a Porsche that Garik Kharlamov advertises chips and drives a Range Rover. But why Garik Martirosyan does not endorse anything and drives a Maybach? You’re a doctor, Garik! And I was asked to advertise only the clinic of venereal diseases!But I appreciate myself, it is offensive and humiliating. I’m not trash, I’m in television. I respect myself as an artist. And to finish I would like the words of my wise wife: “Sasha, our mortgage itself does not pay!”, so write down the address of the clinic…

None of the fans did not understand how serious Nezlobin was going to leave the show. Too funny was his statement, and the ending is left open.