Александр Морозов рассказал, что его спасло от наркотиков и ожирения The comedian was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Morozov talked about. why have a fight with Ian by Arlazarov, the fight against drug addiction, and how trying to lose weight several.
Александр Морозов рассказал, что его спасло от наркотиков и ожирения

Alexander Morozov is considered one of the most brilliant artists of the national humor. His concerts received hundreds of thousands of fans not only in Russia but also abroad. Despite a successful career and love the phantom, in his personal life, frost suffered a lot of blows of fate.

As said Alexander, he was in love with six times. Women became: actress, stripper, and once the frosts have fallen in love with the two sisters and their mother in turn. However, none of his chosen ones gave the humorist of the child.

“All my favorite girls hinted me: “Come on, let’s get small “marazykov”. But I’m glad now, apparently, it was not the time. And not with those I had to have children. But I’m waiting for someone, I want a child”, – told the artist.

Morozov revealed that early in his career he was helped by Jan Arlazorov. The comedian admitted he misses a senior mentor. Despite the fact that in the last years before death Arlazorov was seriously offended by Alexander and broke all ties with him.

“He was very talented … And such is broken or something, he was difficult man, very difficult. After working with him I fear nothing and nobody. I didn’t say goodbye to him, but I was at his funeral, I loved him truly loved. But he has a strange kind of love was, for me it’s sometimes even called the son… Probably because he’s the Pope, he was able to beat me”, – said Morozov.

Morozov said that once Ian Mayorovich struck him on the stage in front of thousands of spectators. “Much kicked me… And the audience realized that this is not a joke. And he is an adult, I couldn’t answer him… And would a simple man, I would have taken behind the scenes and all… But he is a great man, a great artist,” shared Alexander.

Jan Mayorovich did not in 2009. The comedian passed away from cancer at the age of 61 years. At the end of life artist no one wanted to chat. According to some, Arlazorov had a stomach tumor afflicting the gallbladder and pancreas. The actor refused to be operated for a long time he tried to cure by fasting and went to the healers.

Frost admitted that he had long ago forgiven his teacher. Ian Mayorovich opened it up to the viewer. Becoming a successful comedian, Alexander was addicted to drugs. He frankly told that he helped to defeat drug addiction.

“Yes, it was present in my life, to my great grief. But I survived, coped and forgotten. It’s not a hundred percent my merit, it was the Lord. He took me. People are so weak to fight this shit he can’t. I was already on edge, and at some point God just saved me. Turning to God, perhaps, earnest prayer of the heart, please save… I Want to live. When nothing terrible happens, unfortunately, we can’t appreciate happiness,” admitted Alexander.

Frost shared that their entire life trying to lose weight. Despite the fact that his fatness has become a hallmark. The comedian started to get better a few years ago. The extra weight began to threaten his life.

“I put the bandage on the stomach, and I immediately lost 8 pounds! I have never been treated. Yes, and in his youth was not trying to lose weight. The Institute started to put on weight… you Know, girls, wine, student, gay life”, – said Morozov.

Alexander noted that can lose weight. But he was just too lazy, although colleagues urged the comedian to carefully monitor the health.