Alexander Molochnikov commented on a fight with Fedor Bondarchuk

Александр Молочников прокомментировал драку с Федором Бондарчуком
The young Director turned to the emergency room.

Александр Молочников прокомментировал драку с Федором Бондарчуком

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Photo: Alexander Camber

Photo: VKontakte

Yesterday the public was stunned by the leaked video scandal between Fedor Bondarchuk and Alexander by Molochnikova.

Shot on video, men first, something very emotionally discussing, and then moving from words to action. Alexander, inflated to the limit from the overflowing of his feelings, emotionally with his fist on the table, and in response, Fedor gets punched in the jaw Molochnikova. Then comes: “Ah, youth!” Some fans Theodore was surprised by his action, but most viewers of the movie, came to the conclusion that the so-called “viral” video, and the scene, played out between the two Directors, clean water production designed to promote released yesterday the movie “Myths”.

Alas, the 25-year-old Director has denied this theory. He said that Fedor Sergeyevich inflicted such injuries that he had to seek medical help.

“I wish it was a statement, said Dairymen “Reedus”. — But help from emergency room suggests otherwise. We with Feodor Sergeevich good relationship. It was unexpected for me that this record has hit the net. Both of us are not from this happily. Why it happened — it’s only our business.”