Alexander Mokhov walked at the wedding of the eldest son

Александр Мохов погулял на свадьбе старшего сына
The heir of the actor tied the knot with sweetheart neckline.

Alexander Mokhov family

Photo: @mohovart Facebook Alexander Mokhov

Last weekend saw the family of Alexander Mokhov joyous event. The eldest son of actor, Simon played a wedding with his beloved.

The eldest son of Alexander gave his first wife — Tatyana. With her he lived for eighteen years, but in the ‘ 90s, the pair decided to leave. “I wanted to marry once and for all, before my eyes was the example of parents. Failed. With Tatiana, we lived together for eighteen years and I broke up. I can’t even name a specific reason. No one from the wife I was not abducted, although I am a charming man and women around me enough. But if someone thinks, that fills, and he with that, and with that slept — very wrong. I am very picky and even chaste!” — said Mokhov. As a result, Alexander left the family and left his wife his first apartment in Moscow, which the couple now live.

Simon did not go in the footsteps of the famous father and became an artist. Son Mokhova graduated from Institute of television and radio broadcasting, where I learned about the operator. The actor choice was satisfied. At some point they even managed to work together in one project.

By the way, Alexander himself did not so long ago visited the registry office in the capacity of groom. The actor took to wife a 23-year-old singer Irina gardener. In July this year, moss was born another son — Matthew.