Александр Молочко: «Меня вполне устраивают отношения на расстоянии» Host of “Magazzino” told “StarHit” about new love. After breaking up with figure skater Adelina Sotnikova young man quickly managed to recover. Now Alexander Molochko a new novel, but with his beloved separated by thousands of kilometers.

       Александр Молочко: «Меня вполне устраивают отношения на расстоянии»

      The fame and popularity to Alexander the Milk came through the project “Magazzino” on the channel Friday. 22-year-old whistleblower unscrupulous owners of grocery stores immediately attracted viewers, and eventually began to gain popularity in the Network. Fans from all over the country in his microblog leave comments with requests to pay attention to them, get to know and possibly even meet. However, now the heart of Alexander the Milk taken. In an interview with “StarHit” the presenter told about a new relationship, and that he has to overcome for them.

      Ex-lover Adelina Sotnikova of betrayal: “It was a casual relationship”

      Sasha, how come that shortly after parting with Adelina Sotnikova you had to find a new novel? How did you meet deb?
       Александр Молочко: «Меня вполне устраивают отношения на расстоянии»Last spring I, along with the TV channel “Friday” went to the shooting of the program “Food, I love you”, helped the children in the filming process. For several days we toured the famous cities of Georgia: Mtskheta, Kutaisi, Gori…. On the fifth day of filming brought us to the town of Batumi. There we decided to take a break and relax from work. By the way, it was my only day off in months. So in the morning I immediately went on the old streets of the city, see the local sights, and friends to buy Souvenirs… Closer to the evening went down to the seaside, want to sit in a cafe and at the same time to hide from the heat. While I was doing my ordering, I noticed that at one of the tables sits a young girl in a blue dress. All alone she was drinking a tropical cocktail, and in her eyes the sadness. I thought it something happened, well, I’m strongly addicted to it. Remember, addressed her with the words: “Oh, excuse me, but you don’t have a swimsuit? And then we would go with you to swim”. The question she answered the ringing laughter. Since they were introduced.—
      What if she was waiting for a girlfriend or a boyfriend who was late?
       Александр Молочко: «Меня вполне устраивают отношения на расстоянии»I guess it’s an inner voice told me I should come. The girl was very modest. While we were sitting at the table, I learned that she lives in the centre of Tbilisi, she’s 21. Parents she was not Georgian roots: mother – Ukrainian, and a Spanish father. In Batumi she came by car alone – decided to unwind.

      Introduction segued into a romantic evening?
       Александр Молочко: «Меня вполне устраивают отношения на расстоянии»Like that. We talked a lot about life, she told me about myself, I shared the facts of his biography. Even started to think that it’s love at first sight so it was easy for me to communicate with someone. While sitting on the veranda, to the shore swam a real Dolphin. In a word, romance. Until the morning we walked together around the city, warming themselves after the rain, talking. After few hours I started the morning shooting, so we had to say goodbye. By the way, I didn’t even think to kiss her – didn’t want to screw anything up.—
      So, this is a holiday romance?
       Александр Молочко: «Меня вполне устраивают отношения на расстоянии»Oh, no, we still communicate! At my last shoot the girl came to me to say goodbye. I didn’t expect to see her on the set. I then realized that this sympathy is mutual. There were no tears, just sadness. Naturally, we exchanged contacts, and just on the arrival in Moscow on my phone, it appeared from her message: “How was your flight?”, “Miss you already”. We correspond every day in social networks, share photos. For example, when I go to a secular trips, be sure to tell us how the event has passed. She writes to me about their meetings with friends, trips to the sea. By the way, we already know the environment each other. Although I am moderately jealous, unconcerned about the fact that with her many guys. Only insecure young man will constantly monitor the actions of its second half.—
      You are separated by thousands of kilometers. Do you think this is the test for you?
       Александр Молочко: «Меня вполне устраивают отношения на расстоянии»I was satisfied with the distance. The fact that I almost every day are on the set, and not every girl can withstand my tough work schedule. Moreover, in such relationships we have to each other tired, bored. I always want to learn about something new. I have had girls who made the brain due to the fact that I could not pay them enough attention. Here I was not put before a choice, don’t ask to look at your life. She realizes that I make my money work for me of great importance. And she’s a self-sufficient person in Georgia is engaged in restaurant business.

      Aren’t you afraid that after a while, chat on the phone both of you will only be burdening?
       Александр Молочко: «Меня вполне устраивают отношения на расстоянии»I am not afraid. I have many friends in Tbilisi, and they are constantly calling me to come. Before I was not able to visit them. Now they are happy that I have a love that makes almost every month to come to Tbilisi. By the way, I do not forget about the courtship. Georgian friends to help me arrange a surprise they are sending me Teddy bears and chocolate. I also learned to send secret messages to “Moscow – Tbilisi”, it somehow reminds me of a youth of my parents. In September, plan to meet with the girl’s family. Even chose the restaurant for this meeting.—
      Really decided to marry?
      When we are young, why ship itself, with plans for the future? I believe that we need to live for today and think about what is happening here and now. I’m happy, happy for me, my mom and friends love it. Loved ones notice that I glow from happiness when I write to the girl. They, of course, know better. I think I can still be romantic with a big heart.

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