Александр Маккуин тратил сотни фунтов на медиумов в попытке поговорить с погибшей подругой
Native designer told the whole truth about his life.

Александр Маккуин тратил сотни фунтов на медиумов в попытке поговорить с погибшей подругой

Alexander McQueen

Photo: “Tsentrpoligraf”

After six years since the tragic death of legendary
designer Alexander McQueen became known shocking details of his life. In
publishing house “tsentrpoligraf” comes the first biography of “Alexander McQueen:
blood under the skin”. The author of the book, journalist Andrew Wilson, talking with family and
family of Alexander, learned the tragic details of the life of one whom the whole world
considered a style icon.

Lee Alexander McQueen was the sixth child in the family, right
after his birth his father was in an asylum due to a nervous breakdown. “In 1969
year, right after mother gave birth, my father had a nervous breakdown —
remembered brother Lee, Michael McQueen. — He worked too much, took
overtime. Six children for the driver of the truck — perhaps this is too…. With
dad had a nervous breakdown, and he is two years ended up in a psychiatric hospital”.

Subsequently, the image of the madhouse very attractive
McQueen. The motives of a psychiatric hospital can be traced in several of his collections.
In five years, Lee fell face down and hurt his jaw, which
complexed entire life. And when he was three years old, he almost died playing
the upper floor houses the bedroom. He climbed on the couch near the window and flung open the frame wide open.
In walked his sister Janet and saw my brother leaned out of the window. “Under
the window had a safety net, and he leaned, almost fell, —
she recalls. — I thought, “No, don’t say anything”. I went back and
grabbed it…”. The book also describes the cases of violence that Alexander
experienced in youth….

The first biography of McQueen, Alexander McQueen: blood beneath the skin”

In one of the chapters the author talks about close friend and
the mentor designer Isabella blow, who killed herself in 2007.
After her death, McQueen was obsessed with death: “Many close friends
and relatives McQueen admitted that after his death also had
the tendency to settle scores with life. “Gloomy Sunday” (song heard on
the funeral of Alexander McQueen) can be considered as a posthumous tribute to its designer
friend and mentor Isabella blow, who suffered from depression and killed himself
back in may 2007 with a herbicide. After the death of Isabella Mackmaine all
wanted to contact her in another world. He spent hundreds of pounds on mediums
and psychics in an attempt to talk to her. “Lee was obsessed with the thought of life after
death, ” said Archie reed, who met Lee in 1989 and ten
years became his boyfriend. — I was under the impression that they are with Izzy
literally torn to death”.

Isabella and Lee, the aristocrat with the face of a medieval Saint and
son of the taxi driver from EastEnders, complete with teeth similar, according to blow, ”
The Stonehenge had a complex relationship. Their friendship was based on love for
the transformative power of fashion, its ability to change appearance and their way
thoughts of those who think themselves ugly, not like everyone else, and for those who do not
odds with the world. They both understood that fashion is not just a surface phenomenon.
“For me, metamorphosis is a bit like plastic surgery but not as
radical, said McQueen in 2007. I’m trying to achieve the same result
using my stuff. But ultimately I work to transform
not as much body as mind”. Ultimately, fashion is not saved or
Isabella, or Li; moreover, many believe that it is the fashion industry made
your contribution to their death. According to McQueen, Isabella repeatedly said,
fashion kills her…”.