Alexander Maslyakov was fired because of suspicions of corruption

Александра Маслякова уволили из-за подозрений в коррупции Specialists of the organization “transparency international” said that the famous TV presenter lost the position of Director of “Planet of KVN” after checking the Prosecutor’s office. According to the data publicized in the work of Alexander Maslyakov-the senior found a number of violations.
Александра Маслякова уволили из-за подозрений в коррупции

The international organization for the fight against corruption transparency international reported that Alexander Maslyakov-the senior was dismissed from the post of head of the state unitary enterprise “Planeta KVN”.

It is alleged that a leading suspect in the fraud. According to the staff of “transparency”, Maslyakov allegedly did not comply with the limitations and restrictions imposed by law on heads of state Unitary enterprises. In 2011, Alexander, being the founder of the private creative Association “AMIK”, which owns exclusive rights to the products under the brand name KVN, became the leader of the “Planet of KVN”. The state enterprise has transferred the building of the cinema “Havana”.

In 2015, as reported by the organization for the fight against corruption, Maslyakov became an individual entrepreneur, although by law the leaders of GUP are not entitled to combine work and business.

Александра Маслякова уволили из-за подозрений в коррупции

The year before “planet KVN” and “amika”, which Director is Alexander Maslyakov Jr., established a joint venture “House drink”.

“Already in the fact that there are obvious signs of conflict of interest: Maslyakov as head of the state enterprise made a deal with a private company owned by himself and his family, – experts underline. – Article 22 of the law “On state and municipal unitary enterprises” requires that such transactions are agreed to by the owner, ie, in this case, the Department of property of Moscow. In addition, the Director of the PMU is obliged to inform the user all the information about the organizations that he and his close relatives manage or own more than 20%”.

In the “House drink” “AMIK” got 51%, which allows the Director of the new company Maslakova angelina (the wife of the son of a famous TV host) to manage the assets of the sue, including the cinema.

“In short, Maslakova and retain the trademark drink, and got control of the estate, presented “Kunovska movement”. And actively commercially exploited”, – experts say.

In addition, according to experts, the “House drink” as the owner of the building leased the land plot cadastral value of 694 million rubles. “Thus, state property – the former cinema “Havana” and the earth beneath it, through sue moved the company, which is 51% owned by private individuals – family Maslakovic,” – said on the website of the organization for the fight against corruption.

Based on the foregoing facts, the staff of “transparency” has addressed the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with a request to check the activities of Maslyakov. In the result, the lead was fired as Director of GUP in July 2017, reports the organization.