Alexander Maslyakov threatens Sergey Svetlakov

Александр Масляков угрожает Сергею Светлакову Showman puzzled by the permanent leading KVN. In the programme “Tonight” Alexander Maslyakov has threatened Sergey Svetlakov “punishment” for a bad joke.
Александр Масляков угрожает Сергею Светлакову

In the Studio, “Tonight” was honored humorous television game KVN. The main character of the episode became the permanent host Alexander Maslyakov and former and current members of the club. From KVN, took many now-famous actors, producers, screenwriters, producers and other figures of the body and show business. Guests of the Studio of the First channel are such successful former KVN schiki, Mikhail Galustyan, Vadim Galygin, Sergei Svetlakov and others.

They all remembered their games and jokes, as well as the revealed secrets about your favorite Alexander Vasilyevich.

Unexpectedly, Sergey Svetlakov and Alexander Maslyakov was skirmish. A short dialogue made the guests in the Studio for a while to strain. Svetlakov with a completely serious face called Alexander Vasilyevich – “the Godfather”, hinting at Dona Corleone. It Maslyakov said sternly: “Seryozha! You will answer for it, but later”. Svetlakov suggested that the payback will be severe.

“I have a feeling I buried in the concrete…” said Svetlakov.
Александр Масляков угрожает Сергею Светлакову

“In the texts will bury you, Serge,” replied the other participants in the program. The joke about don Corleone Svetlakov came up immediately after directly in the program learned that one of the host of the program “Children’s drink” – it’s the granddaughter of Alexander Maslyakov, 11-year-old Taisiya.

Maslyakov granddaughter suffers from bias

I must say that not involved the whole family Maslakovic. Wife of Alexander Vasilyevich Svetlana – Director of the WHC, the son of Alexander leading the Premier League, and daughter angelina – the Director of the House of KVN.

During the program Maslyakov, which is often poking fun at the games, admitted that he does not like jokes in his address, though not one of the parties to this fact stops.

“I don’t really like jokes in his address, although the crown of the head will not fall, because it isn’t even there. You know, as in the Russian proverb – though a pot name, only in the furnace do not put” – said Maslyakov.

Despite the fact that the participants love to choose a hero for jokes Alexander, most recognize the indisputable authority of the permanent master and treat him undisguised reverence. On the issue of Yulia Menshovoj did to prove Svetlakov, Aleksandr Vasilyevich, what’s so funny in his joke, he replied very seriously: “I Had to explain. But there the conversation is usually short. If you have time to explain in two sentences, it is normal, because the third from Alexander V. it sounds like this: “Let the following joke,” said Svetlakov.