Alexander Maslyakov expressed about “below the belt jokes” in Comedy Club

Александр Масляков высказался о «шутках ниже пояса» в Comedy Club The presenter explained that he does not tolerate such humor. According to Maslyakov, dirty jokes the audience liked only because no one ever presented on television rooms in this style. However, Alexander refers to this condescending and believes that it has the right to condemn such a work.

      Александр Масляков высказался о «шутках ниже пояса» в Comedy Club

      Today Alexander Maslyakov celebrates its 75th anniversary. In 1964 first met him as a leading comic program “KVN”, and now many viewers can not imagine this show without him. According to Maslyakov, he believes that “Club of cheerful and resourceful” will always exist.

      For many years several generations of students who “started” the WHC, so the humor and style of transmission is also changed. Some former participants of the program went to other TV projects, where very successful. For example, in Comedy Club appeared the guys who once appeared in a Comedy show Maslyakov. Sam Alexander is not pleased with this TNT project.

      “I don’t like the basis they chose to start. Humor below the belt I do not accept. We have in the WHC if it slips, then inadvertently. And they started with this, and immediately said, “Oh, how wonderful, we have never seen even on TV!” I have old age and this is my definition. This is the road that we choose. And do not blame the neighbor that he went to the left, and the neighbor the other went to the right, and you’re going to, their bumps, but to go straight. It is a choice,” said longtime broadcaster.

      Maslyakov KVN does not allow such humor. Even at rehearsals, he explains to the young talents, how to communicate with the audience and the jury.”If you personally mess over some person, it should not be an insult. This must be a joke. If successful, then thank you. Well, I’m in for something near there…”, – explains Alexander.

      Presenter believes that the WHC will never go stale. According to Maslyakov, this program gives the opportunity to talk and joke, but also teaches team work. Alexander does not consider himself a symbol of this transfer, and the jokes of the participants in his address is tolerant. As recognized by the celebrant, in the WHC he was brought by fate.

      “I could be an engineer who graduated from a great University — Moscow Institute of transport engineers.Worked as a electrical engineer, and that life would get any enjoyment. But fate gave me the chance. Well I used it or bad, it is not for me to judge. But I tried,” admitted Maslyakov TASS.