Александр Масляков появился на публике после слухов о тяжелой болезни
Fans of KVN worried for the health of the presenter.

Marina Fedunkiv and Alexander Maslyakov

Photo: @Instagram marina_phedunkiv Marina Fedunkiv

Last week, the media vigorously debated the health of Alexander Maslyakov: that 75-year-old TV presenter is seriously ill. Some members of the press went even further and declared that the “father” KVN allegedly struck in Sochi stroke. And later the media and even launched a rumor about the death of Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakova… the Wife was forced to issue an official denial of rumors spread. Wife of Alexander Vasilyevich confirmed that her husband is indeed now in Sochi, but not in the hospital, and at work.

And recently in Sochi at the concert hall “Festival” reunion was held KVN-2017 — there took place the first appearance of Maslyakov in public after the incident with “serious illness”. Alexander, as always, looked great and was in good spirits, finally refuting the information on serious health problems.

Fresh photo with Alexander Maslyakov shared in social networks and Marina Fedunkiv, who celebrated last weekend’s birthday. “Birthday — a sad holiday? No, not heard! Especially when you celebrate your 18+ and surrounded by cheerful and resourceful”, — said frame Fedunkiw.