Александр Масляков появился на публике после слухов о тяжелом состоянии Popular TV presenter showed disturbed KVN fans that he was all right. Photo of a smiling showman appeared on the page of the actress of the show Comedy Woman Marina Fedunkiv.
Александр Масляков появился на публике после слухов о тяжелом состоянии

Last week of Internet users shocked to learn that a 76-m to year of life has died from a stroke, a leading one of the most popular programs on Russian television, Alexander Maslyakov. KVN gave a start in life to many stars, and the lead was almost his own father. The media quickly picked up this information. The wife of the showman Svetlana hastened to dispel the rumors about his premature death.

“Well, it’s bullshit, who is to speak. Alexander is a business trip or on vacation, he’s in Sochi. Everything about him is good, and what you wish for” – these words commented on it “StarHit” the news about the deteriorating health of her husband.

However, the rumors about the disease Maslyakov continued to ply the Internet. Yesterday, the broadcaster finally showed that there was no reason to worry. Joint photo with a smiling Alexander has posted on his page in Instagram actress Marina Fedunkiv. The day before she celebrated a birthday, and entertainer congratulated her on the occasion.

We will remind, Alexander Maslyakov was born 24 November 1941, Sverdlovsk. On account of the well-known TV presenter many pochetnyh awards. In addition, the showman is the founder and owner of television creative Association “AMIK”, which produces the popular television program “KVN”. Colleagues speak of him as an outstanding, talented professional and a wonderful person. Young artists consider it indisputable authority, and also as one of the main personalities in the WHC.

It is quite understandable that his son Alexander Maslyakov Jr. followed in the footsteps of his father. He started his career as a presenter of the program “Planeta KVN” in 1999. Several years later, the heir to the celebrities started doing the Premier League.