Alexander Marshall told about her daughter

Александр Маршал рассказал о дочери

More recently, the public learned that the singer Alexander Marshal has a grown daughter Polina. Previously, the artist never told, and in a recent interview to open up.

“Pauline is very rarely arrives in Russia she has her own Affairs and their own lives. she is all grown up – she was 25 years old. We rarely see each other, but remain constantly in touch – texting and talk on the phone.
She graduated from College, became a specialist in computer graphics but wants to work in a different field – she dreams of becoming an actress, and all the data she has. She is very beautiful and talented. I hope she will succeed.
Pauline now goes to auditions, participate in master classes. Now early to speak, this is an area that one talent is not enough – we need to be at the right time in the right place” — said the singer.
Is Alexander and nineteen-year-old son. The young man decided to serve in the army, and the artist decided not to dissuade him, and even Vice versa, to maintain.
“I want him to chose their way of life. I don’t want to send it, because I think it is wrong.. if he so decided – let her go. I had him on life helped enough” — said Alexander.

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