Александр Маршал откладывает свадьбу с молодой избранницей For several months the actor is Dating Karina. A girl younger than him by 36 years. However, according to Alexander Marshall, he did not mind the age difference, and his children from a previous marriage fully understand the choice of the father.
Александр Маршал откладывает свадьбу с молодой избранницей

The famous singer Alexander Marshall performed at the festival “White nights” in St. Petersburg. His career began in 1980 when he became a member of the popular band “Gorky Park”. The ensemble has successfully performed not only in Russia but also abroad.

“At the time our group “Gorky Park” was also about Buzova, but in America. Any project associated with this distribution and a serious promotion, it’s all about making money. Olga apparently someone agreed, but there’s nothing to that,” says Marshall.

61 year to the actor gained recognition among fans, but finally found happiness in his personal life. Now he is in a relationship with Carina who was younger than his 36 years. She works on the radio and met with Alexander during one of the esters. According to the artist, it does not bother their age difference, because the feelings are much more important.

The new fiancee of Alexander Marshall told about his character

“You know, between people is a chemical process which is called love. With us it happened. I sometimes say to myself: ‘where are you, why? But I wish you at least once in life to experience what I am experiencing with Karina. Words that simply do not pass”, — shared the artist.

Karina had already become acquainted with the son of Alexander, Artem. The young man often comes to a pair of guests. All three took part in the filming of “the one”, which was shown on the channel “Russia 1” this may.

Alexander was married three times. As he spoke, he managed to disperse peacefully with all the spouses. However, to go to the registry office for the fourth time Marshall is in no hurry, so not yet planning a wedding with Kareena.

“We assume, but God disposes. Let all goes as it should. Karina is very smart, nice, understanding, does not say too much when I come home from a tour. I was very lucky with it,” said Alexander.

We will remind, in the second and third marriage, the artist had children. Daughter Pauline is an actress, she lives in America, and son Artem became a musician. Young man rapping. He is proud of his father and follows his example. “We do not live a long time with my ex-wife and children know me. And I don’t see in our relationship is nothing strange,” said Marshall in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.