Alexander Malinin was forced to pay for treatment of seriously ill father

Александра Малинина вынудили оплатить лечение тяжело больному отцу The singer responded to the persecution of his family in social networks. Alexander Malinin has released a video message to fans in which he promised to assist his close relative. Nikolai Stepanovich vyguzov these days is in the hospital after suffering a stroke.
Александра Малинина вынудили оплатить лечение тяжело больному отцу

Known singer Alexander Malinin many years of not communicating with his father by Mykola Vyguzova. Even a serious illness of the older person are unable to melt the heart of the famous heir. For almost a month Nikolai Stepanovich is on treatment in one of hospitals of Ekaterinburg, where is recovering from the effects of stroke. But with him only wife Tatyana.

Meanwhile, a scandal erupted in the media, is still forced Alexander Malinin to respond to the message of his father’s illness, which, according to the wife of singer, they do not really believe.

The singer has recorded a video message to the subscribers of his microblog, in which he promised to pay for the treatment Nicholas Vyguzovo. Alexander Malinin is also called unfair persecution, which is declared against his family.

“Hello! I want you to meet my younger brother Oleg. He came to Moscow to visit a bit, chat with me mom. We are all great! Of course, we know that Nikolai Stepanovich in the hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery. Let his entourage are not worried that they can not pay. I definitely got it. Tomorrow Oleg is flying to Yekaterinburg, be sure to visit my father, although for some reason he doesn’t want to see one of his sons. Wants to see me. But really, that’s our private business. And I think the harassment that is directed against our family, is a great injustice,” says in the video, Alexander Malinin.

Fans of the singer immediately supported it. “Well done. Believe it! Strange family – a dark forest, You rightly said! It is really about your family. All the “caring” we wish to deal exclusively in their problems, and not strangers. Family Malinin patience. We love you”, “Any intelligent person understand the motives of this persecution. You have nothing to feel guilty about! God will judge them!” – speak in a Network.

We will remind, scandal round Alexander Malinin has been simmering for a week. The second wife of the father of the famous singer accused the musician and his family of indifference to a loved one who suffered from severe disease. Nikolay vyguzov, which is 10 November, I’ll be 78 years old, believes that his days are numbered, and his main dream is a meeting with a famous son.