Alexander Malinin was attacked with charges on the second wife of Pope

Александр Малинин набросился с обвинениями на вторую жену папы The singer decided to visit the Pope Nikolay Stepanovich Vyguzova after an illness. Alexander himself could not go to the father, he sent his brother Oleg, however, a close relative are not allowed in the house, the second wife of the man Tatiana.
Александр Малинин набросился с обвинениями на вторую жену папы

Family troubles Alexander Malinin continued. Over the weekend, the singer posted a video on the Network, he told fans that he plans to visit the father of Nicholas S., residing far from the capital. The artist had intended to prove to his many fans that he is in great relationship with the people and no conflict between them.

Alexander said his brother Oleg went to visit dad. However, to see an old man failed. According Malinin, the diagnosis of stroke was not confirmed, and the relative is not in the hospital.

“Oleg came to the house where we lived with mom, but the wife of Nikolay Stepanovich his own son even on the threshold is not allowed. Apparently, the human relationship she doesn’t want. Need dirty PR cheap show and the satisfaction of personal ambitions of the two angry women at the expense of those closest to you — your husband and kids. In fact, it turned out that my father was taken to the hospital where in the emergency room it was waited already by journalists, ready to remove the scoop! I have only two questions — who and why? And how long rating the current show will entertain the baser feelings of these collusion between a ladies?” – said Alexander in Instagram.

Recall that a few weeks ago, the second wife of Nicholas Vyguzova Tatiana came to Studio talk show “In fact”. The woman told the guests and program experts that dad is the famous singer is in critical condition. “Father is in hospital in serious condition. No one will even call you son, nor his daughter-in-law’s favorite. Dad had a stroke. He is now in hospital in very serious condition, he even goes and does not understand already, that says,” – said Tatiana on the transfer.

After a time, the singer has responded to the accusations. Alexander promised to arrange a meeting with the relative and help him with treatment.