Александр Малинин ответил на обвинения бывшей жены The singer was in shock, provocative statements by Olga Zarubina. Alexander Malinin turned to his fans. On the eve of the ex-wife of the famous artist appealed to the public with the plea that she helped to restore the relationship with her daughter, which got corrupted after it was found with his own father.
Александр Малинин ответил на обвинения бывшей жены

19 Dec ex-wife of singer Alexander Malinin Olga Zarubina appeared in the program “Let them talk”. Six years ago her daughter Kira Evdokimov met for the first time with his famous father. However, the artist did not open arms and even doubted that he is the biological parent of the girl. According to the woman, it is very hurt Kira. Olga believes that the meeting with Malinin and his indifference to the native man broke strong girl character. The former wife of Alexander Malinin’s accusing him of his daughter’s disappearance

However, the famous actor hastened to Express their point of view on the situation. He urged fans not to believe in what he says Zarubina.

“People lied to you again. Another television provocation. No see more “box”, come on [Instagram], I’ve got the naked truth. Happy New year to you!” – said Malinin.

Now followers are waiting when Alexander will tell the truth regarding this issue. While they began to discuss whether Malinin to communicate with her daughter or is it better to leave things as they are. Many wonder why the 31-year-old heiress of the artist acts like a teenager, hiding from his mother.

“Why Alexander needs to answer for the girl? Her mother was the man the girl called father, she was raised! Pope Alexander was not necessary, what’s the problem?”, “Kira it wasn’t your fault, she should not be responsible for the fact that the mother took her away and gave the other a patronymic and a surname. Need my daughter to communicate, she is not a stranger to the girl, she’s your daughter. Kira is a victim of his mother. Start a conversation with your daughter, she is your blood. And since you are not far away from his father, the Apple from the Apple does not fall far, and your behavior, you can say that you don’t fall far from his father. Now you are looking for a bunch of reasons, all to blame, but why do you let go of the daughter and not see her? Got rid of as unnecessary burden. Sit on a lie detector themselves, but I’m afraid. And then we believe you,” he began to talk subscribers.

She’s Kira, by the way, admitted in the program “Let them talk”, which she was very hurt by the fact that his own father, whom she did not know to 24, doesn’t want to communicate with her. She believes that the Pope made Kira a traumatic event, although must be responsible for her life.