Alexander Malinin has filed a lawsuit against ex-wife

Александр Малинин подал в суд на бывшую жену Olga Zarubina told about the continuation of the conflict. The ex-wife of the actor can not forgive Alexander Malinin a resentment, moreover, she accuses him that he does not communicate with their daughter. The singer allegedly decided to deal with his ex-fiancee in court because of her big words in the ether.
Александр Малинин подал в суд на бывшую жену

Scandal with participation of Olga Zarubina and Alexander Malinin has taken a new turn. The former artist’s wife reproached him that he refused to communicate with his daughter who was born to them years ago. Besides, as she told the singer, ex-husband sued her in court. However, while no notice that she needs to come to the meeting, she did not come.

“I said he showed me a suit about protection of honor and dignity. But I never insulted him: always tell the truth. And ready to defend it in court,” – said Zarubina.

Olga had already found a professional lawyer who will help her to solve all disputable issues with the singer. Zarubin took part in some TV show, where he allowed himself harsh statements in the address Malinin. In her opinion, he was to blame for the fact that Kira was a troubled teen, and now doesn’t want to even communicate with her.

“Neither I nor my daughter never invaded the space of their family. And this is not going to do in the future. We lived without them and will continue”, – said the singer.

From Malinin’s no hurry to comment on the upcoming hearing. His wife Emma prefers not to Express his posibil. “While I don’t want to discuss this issue”, – said the artist’s wife.

Zarubina ready to file a counterclaim for Alexander Malinin. “The way he chose to act, I will do the same,” said the woman in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

Daughter Zarubina lives abroad. According to some, the conditions in which dwells a girl, leave much to be desired. Several years ago, she met with his father in one of the TV show. But their date did not help to normalize relations.

The former wife of Alexander Malinin’s accusing him of his daughter’s disappearance

“I was hiding, I didn’t know what to think about what happened. Only now I realize how it has affected and changed me. I need help, but not from mom. I don’t want her worried about me. I hurt, it destroyed me that did. To grow up without a father is very difficult. It needs to communicate, he is responsible for to be in my life”, said Kira about Malinin.