Alexander Malinin again got into the epicenter of the scandal

Александр Малинин вновь попал в эпицентр громкого скандала
The artist’s wife accuses his father of cheating.

Александр Малинин вновь попал в эпицентр громкого скандала

Aleksandr Malinin and his wife Emma


The Network once again much discussion of family problems Alexander Malinin. Recently the press reported the sad news: the father of singer — Nicholas had a stroke. This was told by his current wife. Shortly after a sharp deterioration Nicholas, anticipating the imminent departure from life, asked for a meeting with his son, but he, according to his wife, refused to come.

Now Alexander’s wife Emma explained why Malinin did not go to my own father in the hospital. It turns out that he does not believe in the illness of Nicholas. Emma accuses native father Alexander in the deception and assures that the stroke invented by a team of “rogue”. By this word, it seems, involves the ex-wife Malinin — Olga Zarubina and her daughter Kira, from which Alexander refused.

“Sasha’s father and there was no stroke. They are all up – wind the whole team rogue. I this question is not interfering. Sasha has a brother Oleg, who lives near the father, the mother, who is aware of everything happening. Dad I only saw on the transmission. Wife of Nikolay Stepanovich beneficial to twist, and we don’t want to spend time on the courts! assured Emma. — Sasha strangers helps, but they say that he loved left. His dad is wonderful lives. He kept everything that had made jointly with the mother. Concerts Sasha they also went: lie, that their protection does not pass. Even pseudopath came to the performances of Sasha. These people are beneficial to themselves to unwind, to depict the poor relations!”

This, however, contradicts the fact that tells the stepmother Malinin. According to her story, Nicholas gave away serious health. In addition, his second son Oleg, who, according to Emma, and to deal with the health of his father, does not care about him.

Father Alexander Malinin Nikolai

Photo: freeze-frame of the program of NTV

“Why do we have to think about the disease? October 4, against the background of increased pressure the husband had a stroke. It is absolutely inadequate. Says nonsense. To answer a question and then forget what it all was about. Children, Alexander, Oleg, I don’t want my dad to chat. For some reason, I can not say!” — quoted Tatyana