Alexander Kokorin began to play better after marriage

Александр Кокорин стал лучше играть после женитьбы
In the summer, the media reported that the footballer Alexander Kokorin married his sweetheart Daria Valitova, and was born.

Александр Кокорин стал лучше играть после женитьбы

The man did not comment on the matter, so everyone could only guess the validity of this information. But Russia coach Stanislav Cherchesov said about what the prospects Kokorin and he talked about his wedding and the birth of a child.

“We Kokorin were talking, and he knows what we have to think about and work on. We see the results. I’m not saying this because of my conversation. Came a new coach, new partners appeared. He married, the kid appeared, and, perhaps it is a little bit inspired. Our task is not to skip anything, especially since I know Sasha. Finally he plays in the position where you used to play, and gets more pleasure, brings more benefit to the team…

We have it too a couple of times played on the flank, the desire he had but use not as much as I would like. So all together gives the result”, – said Cherchesov.

It is worth noting that in June, the media reported about the secret wedding of the footballer, which was attended by only relatives and close friends.

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