Александр Кинжинов испытывает трудности в общении с Константином Гецати The star of “the battle of psychics” has given a Frank interview. Alexander Kirinov admitted that after the show, he’s got an incredible popularity. Man tries to maintain friendly relations with all colleagues, but the winner of the project, it is rarely in contact.

Alexander Kirinov reached the final of the 18th season of “Battle of psychics”, and during participation in the project has acquired a large army of fans. The man doesn’t deny that the show changed his life. In a recent interview, he boasted that it has queues of people wanting to know their future. His clients include celebrities, but the tarragon refuses to name them.

“I as a doctor have no right to call names and the names of those who come to me. But I will say that famous people still were. For example, the wife of a popular singer. Of course, I was surprised to such attention and even a little proud,” said Kiinov.

Every day a man takes from two to five visitors wishing to know their future. However, the star project knows that such activity may result in unpleasant consequences for its internal energy. That is why Alexander often tries to relax, meet my girlfriend Anna, whom he met on the set of “the battle of psychics”.

Kininov stressed that communicates with many colleagues I met at the “Battle of psychics.” However, with some of them Alexander was not formed friendly relations.

“Sonya we have to communicate a lot after the draft, but with the Bones talk on the phone much less frequently. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the guys have a lot going on right now, customers. By the way, is such that people come to see me and asked how to get to the coast or what’s the phone number of Sonia. I, of course, no contact don’t give,” said Kiinov.

Earlier Constantine himself noted that his goal was not to make friends on the project. However, other participants also complained of the reticence and insularity of the future winner.

Alexander Kiinov noted that the popularity did not affect his character. Man also lives in my village and often wonders family. He believes his life’s purpose to help people. However, there are times when the cards do not say anything star. “I’m not omnipotent. If I were omnipotent, that definitely would be a winner. If you do not know the answers to the questions, just say this to your client,” said the fortuneteller.

Dealing with Woman’s day, Alexander said he is not afraid of competition from other psychics. The man is sure in his own gift of the Tarot reader, so plans to continue to help people look into the future.