Alexander Kireev became a father for the second time

Александр Киреев стал отцом во второй раз The choice of the graduate of “factory of stars” gave birth to a second child. Alexander Kireev and his wife Arina are raising a six year old son Lukyan. Now born daughter.

A graduate of the third season of the popular project “star Factory” Alexander Kireev became a father for the second time. Now born daughter. Good news the actor shared with fans on Twitter, posting a picture of the wife with the baby.

“My dear Arina, thank you for our Princess! Love!”, – wrote Kireev.

The girl appeared in the popular stars clinical hospital. The baby’s mother, Arina immediately wrote to fans parameters girls. Thus, the growth of the newborn accounted for 50 of antimirov and a weight of 3020 grams.

Fans of the singer immediately congratulated him on such a happy event. They wished his wife and daughter’s health. “Recovery milk, baby’s health!”, “Congratulations! Let it grow for the joy!”, “I congratulate you! Happiness to you!” – posted by followers of the ex-participant of “Factory of stars”.

Aleksandr and Arina has a teenage son Lukyan, who is six years old. The couple try to do everything that the boy lived in an atmosphere of love and care.

“With the departure of Lou to the grandparents we have a very changed schedule and routine. It’s possible not so much somewhere to take the time as early to have time to pick from the garden our child. Even yesterday in the movie went in the evening. And do not have to cook so often at home eat less. Interestingly, with the advent of a second child and how things would change? After all, our oldest is almost six and he’s been independent. Although they say that the second is much easier. Well let’s see,” previously shared his fears in his wife artist.

The head of the family took second place on “American idol” in 2003. After the show Alexander together with Dmitri Golubev and Ruslan Barsukov has created the group “KGB”. However, some time later, the band broke up.

On the project, the audience remembered not only as a brilliant artist, but also as a talented composer. He has written songs for different artists of Russian show-business, for example, Natalia Podolsky, Vadim Kazachenko and the group “Tutsi”.