Александра Харитонова пытается выбраться из тяжелой депрессии Hot blonde complained to subscribers. Alexander Kharitonov has publicly commented on the latest developments in his life. She said in microblogging that would like to see a faithful and worthy companion. Also the star of “House-2” told about being tired from loneliness.

Participant home country telestroke Alexander Kharitonov often shared with followers on Instagram personal experiences and innermost thoughts. So, on the eve beauty loaded storis videos, which were admitted to mental anxiety. She openly told the faithful admirers of on why cried on the plane on the way home.

“I wanted to tell you how important when you have family, people who love you and understand. Which is always with you: and in difficult times and in times of joy. Of course, it’s happiness. Have you ever it happens? When you come back from some places charged the same emotions as I am now. I can’t still depart from them, because only today I was with my parents in Gelendzhik, and now in Moscow. So I want to drop everything and go back. These thoughts feel terrible. Today I was flying the plane, and I had tears coming from what I is one here. I’m extremely lonely. It’s hard,” said the girl.

In the next entries, the star thanked fans for their kind words in its address. She expressed immense gratitude, saying that now her support is very important. In addition, beauty has assured fans ready to deal with bad emotions.

“I hope that this melancholy and the Blues I will, because I soon will go back to their parents. I will be sure for them to ride. In General, it is the first day of this – a turning point. Tomorrow to work, to fight!” – said Alexander.

Now a celebrity tries to return to its normal rhythm of life. She was not discouraged, and happy users of the social network of Sunny photos from your vacation. Some followers suggested that the blonde is too much work and not resting. Maybe that’s why Kharitonov wants to find a faithful and devoted companion to share the burden with him. Recently a former member of the popular electroni admitted to fans that is almost desperate and very worried that I will not be able to really fall in love. However, the aspiring actress followers believe that their idol will meet a worthy man.