Александра Харитонова рассказала о тайном сексе в «Доме-2» The girl shared an intimate experience. According to the participants of the reality show, she was never shy about talking about intimacy with men openly. In addition, the project has made her more relaxed. Alexander Kharitonov has ceased to be serious about making love.

      Александра Харитонова рассказала о тайном сексе в «Доме-2»

      Participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Alexander Kharitonov, has earned the notoriety, never been humble. The girl was always pretty relaxed and able to openly discuss many things that others do not dare to speak aloud. So, for example, banned from Alexandra was never the topic of sex – a blonde willing to discuss details of intimacy with men and exchanges experience with friends. In the framework of a reality show participant bright also in what does not deny. Kharitonov revealed some secrets that are well known only to those who regularly spends time on telestroke.

      Alexander Kharitonov said that he had experienced outside the perimeter “House-2”

      According to the girl, wishing to be alone and unnoticed, know about the existence of places of their location, no one will know. “There is room for a tete-a-tetov – there are no one takes. In the bathroom, too, can be alone,” – said Kharitonov.

      As Alexander argues, over time it became much easier to relate to intimacy with men. If earlier the reality star was convinced that without love it is not out of the question, now ready to afford short novels, which will be a place of passion.

      “You can have sex without love. And love., – says Kharitonov. And love after sex. After intimacy you can understand that you feel something more than just animal passion. What is love anyway? I’ve experienced this feeling three times in my life and I don’t think I can love again. I used to treat sex more seriously, and with age this has changed: if I’m with someone I have sex, it doesn’t mean that he’s my future husband.”

      From time to time, spectacular blonde, female audience passionate affair with the plan and Menshikova, says, in what situations she sometimes got from men. The infamous star of “House-2” condemned for returning to the project

      “Once I had a holiday romance, very passionate. Once again we fly into the room, start to kiss, to undress, he abruptly puts me on the table, and in this moment flying to the floor fruit, Cup – everything that stood on the table. It was not so much funny, how childish fun. Yet once we were a young man appeared at his house, in his room, and behind the wall of sleep parents. It was funny due to the fact that we tried to do everything quietly, so we could not hear, but the bed loudly creaked treacherously, – said Alexander in an interview with “House-2″. Then I, and he laughed in the voice.”

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