Alexander Kharitonov: “Men just want me”

Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят» The celebrity spoke about relations with the opposite sex and heavy life losses. On the eve of the premiere of the film “Mother is always near” actress spoke with “StarHit” and admitted how difficult it was to star in the Thriller, and also explained why it feels lonely.
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»

The star of “House-2” Alexander Kharitonov took part in the filming of the movie “Mother is always near”. Working on the Thriller was conducted at the end of 2016, and in the air TNT film broadcast on June 3 at 01:00. According to Sasha, it was really hard to get used to the role of a woman who lost her daughter, because she has no children. The film’s Director, Eugene puzyrevskiy forced the artist to recall the most severe losses. Kharitonov said the “StarHit” how she survived the death of a loved one, and explained, why considers himself alone, despite the attention of numerous fans.

How hard was it to get the main role in the Thriller?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Difficult, because during the casting had to choose between me and Sasha Goias. It would be easier to play the main character, as she’s already a mom, and I have no children. Because I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child. But they put me in was amazed. It was the prize for winning the contest in acting. Jenya and me worked a lot, the rehearsal was very long. I am told that it will not work. But he believed in me. Especially if you’re an actress, you will be able to play. I had to Express the pain of loss during the final scene. Jack saw that I can show all the emotions of the mother who lost her daughter.—
How did you prepare for the role?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Read books on acting. Zhenya asked me to recall the terrible loss that I have faced in life. I listened to him. My grandfather died on my father’s side. He raised me. While working on the role I thought of his funeral: the first time in my life seen the death of a close person in a coffin. In the final scene, I come to the girl in the story killed my daughter. I was unable in any way to Express these emotions. Jack then said, “Imagine that everyone on the set saying that you’re worthless, and in the moment lose the whole family. They ended up in disaster, and the rest just laugh.” Then I saw the horror of the loss of a family… Even now I remember the 10 days was in such a mood as if everything is bad, family is dead, you’re alone… When I played the scene of the murder, just imagine that loved ones no longer alive. Jack guessed that my greatest fear is to lose family. I didn’t even need to apply make-up. The black eyes were real, only a drop of blood added to the face. Almost two weeks I couldn’t sleep. Experienced fear and terror.
You have a strong relationship with your parents?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Crazy. Just now I am in Noumea, in the moment walk with my dad. And in Moscow I am alone. For me this is a serious problem. My mom and I share a special bond. She always knows when I have even a headache. We’re friends. I’m all alone, it is not easy to go on contact. Family – the only people who now support me. —
If to speak about losses, it is likely that you have experienced with them?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»My family had a lot of losses. One of the sisters ‘ parents died of cancer. I watched as people were split up due to infidelity. Were talking about me in a reality show that wise. I’ve seen a lot from inside. From the age of 12 he was present in all adult conversations. I know that men cheat, women can change…

Do you live alone?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Yes. I didn’t think mom and dad will move to Noumea. In January they went there to live. Even could not imagine that it would be so difficult.—
Hard coming to an empty apartment?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Sometimes I don’t want to go home. A meal in the evening in a cafe somewhere to see people. Here I am in Gelendzhik and ask parents to come to me. Very bad without them, not used to living alone. I’m my father’s daughter: I’m addicted to feelings, support and love. For 32 years never found a man on whom you can rely. I have never lived alone. Came to mom’s for lunch almost every day, could get to her apartment in Solntsevo for 15 minutes. She embraced me, replaced by something that usually gives you a man. And I shared with her everyone.
But you have a lot of fans…
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»They don’t give you what you want. I’m alone in this many men. I didn’t have a boyfriend who I could replace the family.
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»
And friends?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»I hardly agree with the girls, they often betray. Or girlfriend sleeping with your young man, or wants to compete with you. In the 16 years I first betrayed, taking guy. —
With men friends?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»No, they just want me. Up to a certain point the men with me are friends, and then it becomes difficult to communicate because of their desires. It’s hard to find someone who will understand me. It is not in men problem and in me. I’m not simple. —
Guys have a hard to you sacrifice?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Yes, of course. Many of them know how to seduce with just words and to render attention signs. They live on emotions and telling the truth. In the 21st century men talk too much but do little. I’m intolerant.
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»
And how avoiding them? With scandals?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»No, quiet. I’m the perfect woman… the Care of men is blocking his phone number. The last time I always promise to call him, not even hinting that we’ll see each other. —
So convenient to do if you live in different areas…
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Of course, it’s easier. Sometimes intersect with the former in the gym. Acted naturally and said Hello. From time to time men have tried to win me back.—
What’s a guy got to do to see you again you were with him?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Act. At least come to clarify the situation, to talk, to sort things out.

You’re not just faced with cheating?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Of course, so I’m alone. I do not believe men. There were times when I cheated. I believe that all men walk. —
A woman can change?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»My mother was raised that a man should be the only one. He and his father 36 years of marriage. She never thought about the other person. —
Blame you for the fact that at age 32 you’re not married yet?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Of course. But I say to them that shall bring the first need of the person for whom I want to marry. Yet I do not see a worthy candidate. Attention of the opposite sex enough, I’m the problem. Now there are people, for which I want to change. And trying to believe men…—
But it’s the hardest thing…
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»I need to change on the inside. Now I try brick by brick to build a world with someone who accepted me for who I am. He came to me and simply said, “let’s try”.—
Ready to get married a month after Dating or you need Dating a guy a few years?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»It seems I have a case that very quickly understand: we were made for each other. If I get married, it will all of a sudden.
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»
Imagine what the wedding will be?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»It will be held in Moscow. But tonight will fly to the Maldives or France. I don’t like pomposity. I want to happily live life, not just to throw a posh celebration. The main thing that I was not mistaken in the choice of the person. Some weddings were expensive, but the people parted dirty and vulgar. Do not understand the situation, when the spouses say “my, my”, publicly confess their love, and then diverge. I wish we were together to the end of life.—
Will show chosen social networks?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Don’t want to make a cult: “Oh, this is my husband”. Happiness love peace. Mom taught me that. I’m never rude, all smiles. Don’t like words, I prefer actions. I know my husband is very close to me. Premonition. I have well-developed intuition. “The House-2” I always guessed the outcome, foresaw the breakup of couples. My words caught as the air. —
Why do you think a pair of “House-2” broke up after the project?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»The reality show is a place where people come for popularity. Your relationship increase the ratings. The participants of the “blowing bubble”, while inside they have feelings to each other. But there are couples who, despite everything, were able to create strong family.—
What plans do you have for the next year?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Will develop a beauty salon to open branches in other cities. I want to continue to act in films. And my dream is to become a leading. I would be interested to run a show about women, which will help to answer the questions: how not to lose a family, to accept loneliness, to love yourself. To earn popularity through provocation I don’t want to. In my life everything is given sweat and blood. Just wait it out.
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»
Desires often make?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»Yes. I have goals which I are almost seven years old. I remember when we came with her parents to relax in Thailand. I went on stage and started dancing. Then the organizer of the evening was asking whose daughter. Dad says, “Mine.” Parents are told that we are from Russia. And I was given a prize: a small monkey, which is still intact. I then went to my mom and said, “Gonna be a star”. My parents are businessmen, they were not familiar with this area, why then didn’t believe me. —
What is stardom in your understanding?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»The recognition of people. Society dictates the rules. The retinue makes the king, so it is important the opinion of others.—
One of “House-2” be called the stars?
Александра Харитонова: «Мужчины меня просто хотят»They all consider themselves as such. Guys think that leaving the project would be popular and in demand. But for me, the only star Olga Buzova, she was able to achieve much. After retiring from Celestron, I realized that nothing would be given, so he went to learn acting skills, to develop themselves. For me the real stars Inna Churikova, Valentin Gaft and other artists of the Pleiades.—
Who would you like to be in a movie?
With Dmitry Nagievym. I hope he will see this interview and agree.