Alexander Kharitonov is in the doldrums

Александра Харитонова находится в депрессивном состоянии
Participant in the famous reality show “Dom-2” Alexander Kharitonov often communicates with his followers on Instagram.

Александра Харитонова находится в депрессивном состоянии

The star often shares with fans her thoughts, spiritual experiences.

The followers worried for Kharitonov, who left the post in which she described her condition.

“I wanted to tell you how important when you have family, people who love you and understand. Which is always with you: and in difficult times and in times of joy. Of course, it’s happiness. Have you ever it happens? When you come back from some places charged the same emotions as I am now. I can’t still depart from them, because only today I was with my parents in Gelendzhik, and now in Moscow. So I want to drop everything and go back. These thoughts feel terrible. Today I was flying the plane, and I had tears coming from what I is one here. I’m extremely lonely. It’s hard,” said the star.

Fans were quick to support Kharitonov.

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