Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего» The star of “House-2” told how to earn by her lover. In an interview with “StarHit” Kharitonov explained why a long time can not start a family and sees how blatant dislike of the viewers.

      Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего»

      Fans of the controversial telestroke remember one of the brightest participants of the project Alexander Kharitonov since 2007 – that’s when the blonde came to the project to build love with a womanizer to the plan and Menshikova. In February this year, viewers again saw Kharitonov – the girl returned to the perimeter, but this time, to Timur Garafutdinova. To build strong relationships with the young people failed, and eventually each of them went his way. “StarHit” talked with Alexandra Kharitonova and find out why, despite the seriousness of the intentions, it still fails to meet the one whom she can start a family.

      The infamous star of “House-2” condemned for returning to the project

      Sasha, in June of this year, I was on the project and saw you behind bars – on the “day of judgment” you were locked up for provocation. Itself consider themselves to be the instigator of quarrels and conflicts?
      Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего»Of course, I’m a provocateur, don’t even argue with this formulation. My opinion is often very sharp. I irritate people because I have the habit of telling the truth in the face. It makes many nervous, especially those who are impure in their thoughts and commits bad deeds. I live purely and openly, if you do something immoral, I admit, “Yes, I did so because I wanted to!” And those who condemn me, dream to their reputation looked crystal clear and annoying when they are caught doing something shameful and dirty.—
      Many participants at the “House-2” living by the principle “the more noise, the higher the rating, trying to make trouble. You count yourself among them?
      Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего»If no show, the viewers will be interested to watch us, so I think it is normal to behave on the project in a few minutes. If we would all be grey and boring, the project would not exist 12 years
      You’re a demanding girl, with whom to build relationships not eat. Do you really believe that the project can come to a man that you all want?
      Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего»I, unfortunately, no man can be satisfied on the project or beyond. But I’m trying to work on myself to come to someone that in a relationship you need to agree to a compromise.

      As for the financial component? How to earn your man?
      Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего»I got a big spark, if it is, everything else I watch through my fingers. But, of course, wish that people were provided with above-average incomes. —
      Who do you see yourself in a year? Probably would like to become a co-host Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova?
      Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего»I’d dreamed about it. I have experience in this area, along with actress Maria Aronova I led the program “Love, can not!” on TV channel “Russia”. —
      Two months ago, many participants of the project and the audience judged you for what you were settled in the VIP house with Alfred by Javadova literally on the first day of Dating. What can you say to the charges?
      Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего»I am not afraid of gossip and can go contrary to the opinions of society – to me this is not the case. Nobody has the right to judge me, whether I did, in doing that or not. Everyone lives as he wants. Maybe from the point of view of moral principles to some, my behavior may seem strange. But for me, as an adult, the most important is that I am in harmony with myself. The opinions of others and their pangs for me no significance.

      And how do you feel about criticism? In the comments to your posts in social networks a lot of unpleasant expressions like, old, ugly…
      Александра Харитонова: «Мне нужен мужчина с достатком выше среднего»I like that is not hurt. If you had survived, but now has calmed down. When you same write, produced by the immune system. Old? I wish all the spiteful critics 31 to look like me.—
      What do you think about plastic surgery? If you need me, will you?
      So far, fortunately, I don’t need it. I have no facial expressions. In my youth I was heavily wrinkled forehead, and mom told me to glue it soaked in water a piece of skin. I did that for weeks and here is the result – I still have no facial wrinkles. I think the beauty shots will begin to do not earlier than forty years. My opinion – need to age with dignity.

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