Alexander Kharitonov had an accident

Александра Харитонова попала в аварию Famous blonde crashed into a nearby car. Wanting to avoid a long traffic jam, Alexander Kharitonov made a maneuver, not calculating the distance between my and another machine.

      Recently a popular member of the main telestroke of the country Alexander Kharitonov changed the status of resident of the Glades on a mentor. Now she teaches the inhabitants of the perimeter of the theatre. Free time beauty spends for business and friendly meetings, as well as to care for themselves. However, just a few hours a day take away of traffic jams in Moscow.

      So, starting movement after a long wait, Alexander didn’t notice how hurt a foreign car. She told followers in Instagram. Also the girl admitted that they didn’t even notice the unpleasant incident because to play the songs.

      “How I managed to scratch the car the poor guy? I drove along Tverskaya, rather, stood (today the center is in connection with the arrival of political persons). I stand and suddenly went! I quickly rounded everyone up and drove on! And I have music playing loudly in the car. Looked in the side glass runs some guy, well, just rushing. I have in my head flashed the thought: “Maybe the girl saw beautiful, wants to meet you?” Yeah, right now!” – posted by Kharitonov.

      As it turned out, the young man tried to chase celebrity. He told the woman that she hit his car. Alexander immediately apologized and assured the victim that he would not leave the scene of the accident. Star immediately surveyed the damage, which, fortunately, were minor.

      “Poor thing is shaking it in the full sense of the word, is going through, thinks I’m on the gas and not think badly of me! I try to explain to him that’s not going anywhere, I apologize, trying to calm him down, and at most the whole side is scratched. Himself said, “my fault, nothing to be upset, you will continue to be careful…” And have him panic. It slightly scratched, not even dented. I think, Thank God, not much… Solved the problem on the spot and departed,” said the blonde.

      Interestingly, before the accident, the star of “House-2” was so haunted by peculiar signs. According to Kharitonova, before leaving, she repeatedly forgotten important things because of what she had to go back. Also, she said that after the collision, still can’t recollect myself and gather my thoughts.