Alexander Kerzhakov took his wife’s child

Александр Кержаков забрал у жены ребенка
Some time ago it became known about serious problems in the family of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov and his wife Milana Tulip.

Александр Кержаков забрал у жены ребенка

In the days of Milan was shocked, made a sensational statement. She said that Alexander has for months does not give her to see her son. A woman struggling to cope with the situation.

Александр Кержаков забрал у жены ребенка

“The situation is that I can’t see my baby because they took him away. Now he says I need to prove their social responsibility. I don’t know how to prove I am an adequate person. He came to the country with some people climbed over the fence and took the babysitter of the child. I’m filing for divorce”, – said Milan.

According to the woman, the husband does not allow her to see my son Artemy, although she tried many times.

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