Alexander Kerzhakov Milan and baptized the child

Александр и Милана Кержакова крестили ребенка The beloved defender of the St. Petersburg “Zenit” shared a joyous event in social networks. Alexander and Milan Kerzhakov found that it was time for the ceremony. Social media users were delighted with the charming Artem and wrote him compliments.

In early April, the wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Milan became a mother for the first time. Fiancee of a famous athlete gave him a cute son, who was named Artemy. Adorable little guy was a long-awaited child for Kiriakovich. After some time the happy father took the chosen one and heir of the hospital.

After a couple of months after the happy event they decided to baptize the baby. The ceremony was attended by relatives and friends Kiriakovich. For important events of Milan chose a long dress of light shade. Your image of the young woman added with a white handkerchief. A famous footballer was dressed in a classic style in a dark pants and shirt.

Photos taken in a memorable day, Milan Kerzhakov has shared in his microblog. The darling of sports stars published some pictures in a gallery. Talking about important events, Milan did not hide emotions.

“He baptized our son,” said Kerzhakov, accompanied by the publication of smiles in the heart.

Subscribers Milana congratulated her and wished brine shrimp to grow big and strong, to the delight of parents. According to followers of the chosen player the adorable baby is the charm. “I’m already in love with him”, “Congratulations on such an important event in the life of your family! Now the baby is protected not only his family, but the guardian angel”, “Important moment”, “happiness and health” – discussed social media users.

We also add that Milan Kerzhakov recently returned from a trip to another country. The choice of the football player went to restore his hand at the distant Maldives Islands. The young woman chose a luxury five-star hotel. In the microblog Milana regularly appeared colorful pictures made abroad that fascinated her followers.

Milan Kerzhakov admired the slender figure after childbirth

In one of its publications, Kerzhakov admitted that he did not lose time in vain, and read a lot. A particularly strong impression she made the book “the Subconscious can do everything” by John Kehoe. “There are really amazing and unusual view of life at the same time incredibly obvious. The basic idea is that everything of concern to us, life issues and events, you can find the answer in your own subconscious. (…) In General, you need to start with yourself. I highly recommend” – shared the young woman.