Alexander Kerzhakov helped the woman after family tragedy

Александр Кержаков помог жене после семейной трагедии
Some time ago, the family of Milana and Alexander Kerzhakova happy event happened.

Александр Кержаков помог жене после семейной трагедии

The couple became happy parents of a wonderful son.

But such a joyful event happened after a family tragedy, Milan lost a beloved father.

In such a difficult period of his life, Alexander tried to maintain his wife and provide the necessary assistance.

“I just want to say that for all of us today, there is no greater support than my husband, who took all the cares and the Affairs of the family, which still manages to train and play football and do all that I ask for the work of our Foundation to understand my gushing hormones and emotions, to find the right words and support my mom — although it is (as I thought before) in fact also is not his problem… I Want to say to her husband, he is an incredible support for all of us that he’s the father of my child and the man I love with all my heart, because now it replaces all such doubly necessary man’s shoulder. So,” he told the girl.

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