Alexander Kerzhakov has allowed his wife to see his son

Александр Кержаков разрешил жене увидеть сына Wife of Alexander Kerzhakov has recently announced that her husband took away her child. Today, according to Milana, she will have the first opportunity to see one-year-old Artemis.
Александр Кержаков разрешил жене увидеть сына

Rumors that the family Kiriakovich not all went smoothly for more than a year. It was said that after his father’s death, the St. Petersburg Senator Vadim Tyulpanov, his daughter was in the mental hospital. Recently the conflict between the spouses reached a peak. “My husband stole my child,” said Milan.

To see my son, Kerzhakova must now prove his sanity. During “live” in Instagram young mother wept bitterly, confessing that he did not know how to return the child. However, a day after scandal Alexander Kerzhakov decided to make concessions.

Milan Kerzhakov: “my Husband stole my child”

“Guys, today I will see my baby, so normalize all the better,” said Kerzhakov in his microblog.

Netizens were glad for the young mother and began to give her advice: “Milan, konfliktuete with him, you’d better set up relationships for the sake of our son!”, “Milan, give you strength and endurance!”, “Take a lawyer with you to the meeting!”.

Whether Kerzhakova to meet her son and to negotiate with the husband, is still unknown. Despite the fact that on the side of Milan there were many, there were those who accuses her of lying. “Stop this vile circus act!” – said Yana Rudkovskaya. According to the producer, who about ten years ago and fought for his elder son Victor Baturin, Kerzhakov she left her child. Milan did not deny that for a long time was on treatment.

Yana Rudkovskaya: “Kerzhakov has offered his wife to resolve the conflict peacefully”

“I do not deny that there was a therapist for the last four months. Was observed due to the effects caused me Sasha! Now I have no right to see your son?” asked Milan producer.

On the side of Kerzhakova was and infamous blogger Lena Miro. She noted that it is not necessary therefore to remove a child from the mother.

“However, to be weak is not a crime. A crime to steal from the mother of the son, as did ham Kerzhakov. As soon as Milana’s father died, which could protect her, Kerzhakov out of line completely. Now he just took the woman’s son. This is wrong. It should not be,” Lena wrote in his blog.