Александр Иванов открыл новую рок-звезду
The legendary musician praised the participant of show “You’re super!” on NTV.

Александр Иванов открыл новую рок-звезду

Yuri Trishin and Alexander Ivanov

Photo: NTV

At the end of this week on NTV the final round
the semi-final of the competition the international children’s vocal competition “You
super!” The project only four singers from each issue will be able
to qualify for the finals.

Meanwhile, the project has a cool rock voice.
14-year-old Yuri Trishin from the Krasnodar region in the previous round performed the song legendary
The Scorpions. But in the semifinals, the jury decided to fix the result and performed
the rock ballad “I will remember” group “Rondo”.

To support the party came by this hit — leader
group “Rondo” Alexander Ivanov. The speech made a lot of
impression, the artist performed “encore” your song together with Yura. Moreover, he
invited the young singer to perform with him at his concert and sing before
thousands room.

Yuri Trishin and the show’s host Vadim Takmenev

Photo: NTV

“It is great that I could support Yuri on this
important performance, – said Ivanov. – Despite the fact that the song is very
complex, Yuri managed to show a great level! It — well done! I wish him to become
Yuri Gagarin in the works and someday have to fly in creative