Alexander Ilyin: “I’m not trying to earn all the money in the world”

Александр Ильин: «Я не стремлюсь заработать все деньги мира» The actor told how to stop fighting with your other half. In a candid interview with “StarHit” the man shared his views on life, explained why it does not follow appearance, as it appeared in the punk subculture and what it means faith in God.

      Александр Ильин: «Я не стремлюсь заработать все деньги мира»

      Alexander Ilyin, who many know for her role Seeds Lobanova from the popular series, we met at a music Studio in the metro Paveletskaya. It turns out that Sasha is not just a movie, but also sings in a punk band “Plan Lomonosova”. Thick beard, a creative mess on the head, vintage jeans straight actor and not know. However, it doesn’t really care about popularity. An interview with 33-year-old Ilyin gives infrequently. And just recently I decided for one more try… The more there is a reason. Last week, on January 26 in rolling out the drama “five to seven” in the main role with Alexander. The picture had already proved themselves, having received the Grand Prix at the festival “Amur autumn”.

      Whether homeless, whether mod

      “This year may mark the 30th anniversary of creative activity. First came on the scene in four years. My grandparents, parents, brothers Ilya and Alex, and uncle (Vladimir Ilyin approx. ed.) and aunt of actors. So I represent this profession in the third generation. She attracts with its variety and irregular schedule. To sit every day in the office from nine to six it’s not for me. But to bring a lot of different images I like. In the “Intern” I, in “five to seven” – is quite different, in other – the third, fourth, fifth… tenth! The plot is quite unusual. Lucky with a partner Dasha Melnikova. It happens that the Actresses have an inhuman way of communicating, stepped up in this regard with a head trouble. They behave like a pig with others. Dasha it is not. She’s a good girl, talented, with a sense of humor. After the shooting, by the way, Dasha me at concerts several times.

      On the personal front, I’m good. More than ten years with the same girl. In this respect I am a man of constant. Julia is familiar from childhood. She is younger than me by six years. Rested on the same cottage every summer, consider growing up together. Julia handles the promotion of the fashion show room. In ten years, we’ve been through so much and in such “ancient” scales all occurred that now have nothing to fear. And utensils were beaten, and suitcases collected… Through trial and error came to the conclusion that conflicts in what good does not result. There are now in peace and comfort, and this is not necessarily a stamp in the passport. Of course, someday we’ll get married, but I am not prepared to do loud statements.
      Александр Ильин: «Я не стремлюсь заработать все деньги мира»

      I’m not watching the appearance. Pursuit of fashion is considered useless, this is one of the most changeable things on earth. In clothes the main thing for me practicality. It should be comfortable and appropriate. Can’t stand ties and suits. However, a couple of times I tried to wear them to the premiere, I hope, not anymore. By the way, my beard grew before the advent of Barber shops. With her warm in the winter, the lips are not dubeet, you can talk. Sometimes I’ve been called a geologist, polar Explorer, or a bum, and now I – type mod. A couple of years the fashion for Barber will take place and I will be already old-fashioned. Like, do nothing, and the people anyway you klassificeret! In other words they do not know how! Funny!

      Александр Ильин: «Я не стремлюсь заработать все деньги мира»

      Never thought I would become a musician. Maybe it’s fate or chance? I have even formation of the corresponding no. Since childhood listening to various informal groups. Seven years ago, he worked in one project in Yaroslavl, and my colleagues were a group. I became interested in how he manages to combine everything? He said no problem and offered to introduce me to musicians. Then I had no idea where all these “cowboys”. Anyway did I come and say: “Guys, I’m going to sing!” In short, he wrote several texts showed brothers and friends. And the dude eventually disappeared from my life. I calmed down and allowed the situation to develop. After a year I went to the guys with whom we later formed the band “Plan Lomonosova”. Today has already recorded four Studio albums. It was written in Russia, in Finland and in the United States.

      Александр Ильин: «Я не стремлюсь заработать все деньги мира»

      Many believe that the people playing the punk is obrygany that make the Iroquois of his own vomit. And then there’s the doctor-the moron from the TV with them singing… Totally a misconception. It is a pity that in Russia is underdeveloped informal movement – not that of the West. Among our audience many of those who do not drink. And if you listen to the lyrics, and to go to concerts, it becomes clear that we have a positive and motivating message. By the way, recently released a new album on the poem of Vladimir Mayakovsky “a Cloud in trousers”. The idea to put his poems to music came to us from the outside. One uncle had planned a film about Mayakovsky. We talked about my participation. He said: “Sasha, you have a group. Can as samples to make the song “a Cloud in trousers?” The way my Director had left, and the music has remained. Two years later he recorded an album in a year did pankart the play “a Cloud in trousers”, together with our friends from the company “edisonlab”. Fans sent videos in which our songs included the children in the school to prove that Mayakovsky’s work may be relevant in a hundred years.


      Александр Ильин: «Я не стремлюсь заработать все деньги мира»I believe in God and that if to exist in a good way, nothing wrong with you will not happen. In his childhood often visited the Church. My parents and aunt and uncle are Orthodox Christians. My brother had a bunk bed, made her father. I slept downstairs, where he built a special icon corner. Once on Christmas eve and lit a candle, took a prayer book and read it until the morning. I was seven years old, and I don’t know what those words meant, but I remember that felt great. Probably, this main thing. Now I’m in temple a lot less depressing ritual component. Like the prayer of the Optina elders. There is a sense to respond to everything is calm, no one offended and not the suspect. It’s all too much. By the way, my aunt, a former actress Zoe Pylnova, it sounded porosenka funtika and a little wolf in the cartoon “Big Wow”, singing in the Church choir. She finds herself more in this life. And that’s about it. The only thing don’t like it when religious people begin zealously to impose their point of view.

      Can count on your fingers the times celebrated the New year not with family. It’s our tradition. I love this holiday. Another reason to get everyone together. Come brothers. The average Alex has a wife and polutorogodovalogo son Theodore. Senior Ilya divorced, and until he met another “the one”. We are discussing acting each other, after all this is our family business. Previously often argued with Pope Alexander Adolfovich. He is as charismatic in nature. We had a conflict about my work. He believed that what I do is not music. And dad, by the way, one of those people who pulls out the radio in the car. Just, he’s not listening to music, especially modern. Thinks he can’t do physically. Then he gave to listen to my CD friend, a jazz musician who said that this is a professional product, not anyhow. Only then the father changed his mind.

      Александр Ильин: «Я не стремлюсь заработать все деньги мира»

      I’m not on social media, it’s all swamp. More interested in real life. The only thing I follow the page of our group on instagram, do some posts, photos and posters to spread. But if it was not “Plan Lomonosova”, then I would not do that. Account to do it. And it’s not interesting me in the pants to spread. News also not watching, no TV. All this brainwashing. Plus the advertising, which at times louder than the main thread. And then we wonder why we have so many schizophrenics. Find the right information on the Internet, however, there is also one virus is. But reading like. At the moment, in parallel reading the book by Alexander Solzhenitsyn “the first circle” and five-volume edition of Carlos Castaneda. It contains the first five books. The rest I have, waiting for their turn. In Castaneda there is a strong idea. He writes that the way of the warrior is not in battle, but in humility with himself. We have to accept what is, and each failure to assess is a challenge, a chance to be even stronger.

      I have a good attitude about money. I had periods when they did not have, and Vice versa. Big difference do not feel. All in your head. It makes no sense to whine about the fact that you don’t have achieved. I don’t plan to earn all the money in the world. For example, I have no apartment in Moscow and a car. I’m not worried. Shoot close to the Studio. At the rehearsal walk the rest of the time there are taxis or friends with cars. Mortgage definitely do not want to take because you don’t like to owe people. And the apartment is now worth big money. I, for one, refuses to conduct corporate events and weddings, although they sometimes bring fees more than the cinema. One day I was called in Italy just to attend the birthday party for a tidy sum. I didn’t go – I don’t see the purpose in the media. For me to take off on a journey much more interesting. Soon, by the way, I plan to go to Bali”.