Alexander Gudkov explained why not to get married

Александр Гудков объяснил, почему не женится Mom TV star for a long time requires that her son created a family. Earlier it became known that lead is even a contender for the role of his wife, whom he met 12 years ago. However, he is not in a hurry to tie the knot.

      Александр Гудков объяснил, почему не женится

      Showman Alexander Gudkov has become one of the most recognizable television stars thanks to its shocking and unusual voice. But behind the scenes the young man behaves in a much more modest dress is not so bright and in many ways listened to the advice of his mother, with whom he has a very trusting relationship. TV star spoke about his future plans and about his girlfriend.

      It turned out that Alexander’s heart has long been occupied. With his lover he met 12 years ago. They became fast friends, but on new level of relations for a long time did not go. Gradually the young men realized that between them grew love. Despite this, to formalize the relationship of beeps in no hurry.

      “Mom would be happy if he started a family: she wants grandchildren already, so me and my sister scolds. Of course, I think about it. If you think I’m not thinking anything, then no. I believe that everything should happen unplanned. Must be something clicking, flash. Then you’ll be fine,” said Gudkov.

      However, nowhere in social networks presenter shows her feet. 33-year-old showman most often posting funny photos from travels or from surveys, and personal life stores classified as “secret”. Hooters prefers to flip through the tape “Instagram” just to calm down before bedtime, in social networks he is not looking for Dating with women. Besides, the showman believes that he’s not that popular among the fair sex.

      “Were not popular before, and now never use it. But the problems to get acquainted I never was. I am fluent, easy-going. Can go anywhere and meet anyone,” he told the star in an interview with the magazine “Only star”.

      Recall that the first hooters appeared on TV in the KVN team “Fedor dvinyatin”. Later TNT called him in his Comedy show “Comedy Woman”. In 2010-2011 Alexander was the leading program “Laughter in the big city.” In 2012-2013, the young man got on “the First channel” and became a regular participant and co-host of the program “Yesterday Live” and “Evening Urgant”.

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